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Margaret Degrio – Sierra County, California

This fact was illustrated most dramatically and tragically in the case of Margaret DeGrio, wife of a County Supervisor in Sierra County, California. After undergoing surgery twice, and with her cancer continuing to spread, she was told by three physicians that her case was hopeless and that there was nothing further that modern medical science could do. But Mike DeGrio had read about Laetrile and decided to take his wife to Mexico for treatment. It was the same old story: She began to improve immediately and, after four months of intensive treatment, she returned to her Northern California home with only minor symptoms of the original cancer. The rapid disappearance of her tumors was confirmed by her American doctor, although he could not explain why it happened.

Shortly afterward, however, Mrs. DeGrio contracted a serious respiratory infection and was hospitalized in San Francisco for Pneumonia. While she was there for over three weeks, her physician and the hospital staff refused to allow her the maintenance dose of Laetrile because they feared it might be against the California anti-quackery law. The denial of this dose came at a critical time in the recovery and healing stage. Mrs. DeGrio succumbed to cancer shortly after that.

Updated on May 31, 2023

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