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Joanne Wilkinson – Walnut Creek, California

In Walnut Creek, California, Mrs. Joanne Wilkinson, mother of six, had a tumor removed from her left leg just below the thigh. Four months later there was a recurrence requiring additional surgery and the removal of muscle and bone. A year later, a painful lump in the groin appeared and began to drain. A biopsy revealed that her cancer had returned and was spreading. Her doctor told her that surgery would be necessary again, but this time they would have to amputate her leg at the hip, and probably the bladder and one of the kidneys as well. The plan was to open up her lungs first to see if cancer had located there. If it had, then they would not amputate, because there would be no chance of saving her anyway.

At the urging of her sister and of a mutual friend, Mrs. Wilkinson decided not to undergo surgery but to try Laetrile instead. Her doctor was greatly upset by this and told her that, if she did not have the surgery, she couldn’t possibly live longer than twelve weeks. Mrs. Wilkinson describes in her own words:

“I will never forget that day! It was a Saturday and the stitches from the biopsy were still in the leg. Dr. Krebs gave me an injection of Laetrile and the tumor reacted. It got very large — from walnut size to the size of a small lemon — and there was bleeding for four or five days. I went back on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week for five weeks to get injections, and the tumor then started getting smaller. Five weeks later I could no longer feel it. An X-ray was taken the first Monday, and regularly after that to watch the progress. Injections were continued for six months — 10 cc’s three times a week and of course the diet: No dairy products, nothing made with white flour, — no eggs –but white fish, chicken, turkey.

I felt wonderful, and in fact, 9 months later, the doctor told me I needed no more injections. My X-rays were clear, showing that the tumor had shrunk, was apparently encased in scar tissue, and was not active.”

The Author’s last contact with Mrs. Wilkinson was nine years later after her doctor told her she couldn’t possibly live longer than twelve weeks without surgery. She was living a healthy and productive life, and all that was left as a grim reminder of her narrow escape was a small scar from the biopsy.

Updated on May 31, 2023

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