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Jason Vale – Customers Testimonials

Jason Vale background below…. followed by all of his customers testimonials.

At 18, 1986, for months, the doctors from four different hospitals diagnosed me with pneumonia. Upon exploratory surgery, a huge tumor the size of a grapefruit between my back and ribs was found. This was causing fluid in my lungs to build up. The lab results revealed that I had a very rare form of cancer called the Askin’s tumor . Upon researching my disease in medical libraries, my father and I found that this particular tumor had a 100% mortality rate. Of those who had the Askin’s tumor, all tried either chemo or radiation, yet within a year or two had all died despite their attempts. At that time, there were only 40 reported cases. As I began preparations for radiation treatments, I was completely consumed by the overwhelming information I had just discovered. I jumped off the radiation table, went home and played. I figured that if it was to grow back it would grow back in the same spot. If I took radiation and chemo, I figured it may grow back uncontrollable everywhere.

When I went home, I immediately rejoined my hockey team and started playing handball again. However, due to the rapid growth of the tumor, within a year my back pains felt as they did when I was first diagnosed. Follow up Cat Scans showed that the tumor regrew where it had been and also had now invaded my spinal cord barely allowing me to walk. My father pushed for an immediate cat scan. The hospital gave me an emergency appointment the next week, but my father wasn’t pleased with waiting that long. Somehow, he convinced them to see me immediately. It turned out that the same tumor was bigger and stronger than ever. They operated the very next day. I found out later that if they had waited to operate, I would have either lost my ability to walk or severely impaired it.

It was at this time that I decided to do what those spoken of in reports didn’t do, take both the chemotherapy and the radiation at the same time. The doctors were hesitant to do so because the toxicity level caused by chemo would be further multiplied by the radiation. They agreed so I started the treatments, and in only two months was 40 pounds lighter with such a low blood count that I nearly died. I was rushed in for a blood transfusion. It was right then that I changed all of what I ate without even realizing it. The chemotherapy made me so sick that I would nearly throw up just at the smell of my old favorites such as Chinese food, KFC, and even pizza. All I could eat was chicken soup, sunflower seeds and only a select few of my mom’s favorites.

About seven years later, during a routine scan, as I was taking 40 Tylenol # 4 with codeine per day it was discovered that I had a tumor in my kidney. I told the doctor my thoughts were that all the medication I was taking was the direct cause of the tumor. He found this theory to be silly. Upon research, I found that pain killers have been proven to cause kidney carcinomas, which was what I had. He disagreed completely. Later, it was shown through various tests, that the tumor in my kidney was malignant. It was about to start all over again. I went to the kidney specialist who said I had to get my kidney taken out. Yet the more questions I asked him, the more aggravated he got. I simply wanted to know as much as possible about my disease so I could be in a position to make an educated decision. I left his office, returned once, and then never again. I received subsequent certified letters from his office warning me of the dangers I was in if left untreated. It was fun making paper planes out of them.

Russian Jewish Christian I am, and strict…whatever that means…for a Russian Jewish Christian. Faith kept my eyes open. Through my church, I learned of a man who once worked in university laboratories under Albert Einstein some 55 years ago. His name is Sal Catapano and is now 92. Sal owns the patent for, and administers the Typhoid vaccine to cancer and AIDS patients. This is a natural immune stimulant that naturally raises the T-4 and T-8 cells in your blood more effectively than anything else. My first step toward recovery was in visiting this man and receiving the Typhoid vaccine. The pain went away in my kidney and cat scans showed the tumor shrinking. My immune system was encapsulating the tumor, protecting the rest of me.

About two months later, a friend from church gave me the videotape ‘”World Without Cancer” which is when I discovered what causes cancer, and the simple way to stop and/or prevent it. For three years, I had been researching government documents, cancer journals, lectures and individual testimonies. All of the information I had seen in “World Without Cancer” was true. How could there be such a simple known answer to this disease that’s not on the front cover of every newspaper? The response is deeply politically and financially rooted. The simple apricot seed is the answer, just as the orange was the answer to Scurvy, as yeast and liver to Pellagra and other vitamin B foods to Rickets and Beri beri. Over a million sailors died from Scurvy and the answer was simply vitamin C, found in an orange. Almost entire countries were crippled by Pellagra and the answer was vitamin B. The same is true with Rickets, Beri Beri and many others. I shout to you through spending a five year prison sentence on the issue and with my own life story as well as thousands that I have seen and dealt with, the answer to cancer is known! Nitrilosides, a major component of apricot seeds.

As I ate the cyanide filled apricot seeds, the cancer seemingly dissipated from my body. Remember, cyanide is found in thousands of foods, but these foods are no longer found in our diets. Such foods include Lima beans, Caribou meat, millet and wheat grass. It is not only healthy but also essential for our well being. Of course, we’ve all heard a story where someone drank cyanide poison and died. This is not the case however, when it is found naturally in foods, in which case, cyanide kills the bad cells and only the bad cells found in our body. An explanatory example can be made with water or salt. When hydrogen and oxygen atoms are joined to form the compound, the result is the harmless substance water. Yet, when hydrogen is separated it can be deadly. The compounds in which cyanide are found are also quite safe, actually less toxic then sugar or table salt. It also contains the simple answer on how to prevent and/or cure the disease with out ever having to go to the doctor for it.

I was on the Television Show ‘Extra’ and many others which featured my story of becoming the world champion Arm Wrestler and ridding my body of cancer using the apricot seeds. Eventually the FDA busted in my home, confiscated the apricot seeds and put me in jail for five years without a single complaint.

Testimonials from my clients before I was sent to prison…

Sept. 2012 Francine Grahm has pancreatic cancer with cancer legions spread to her liver as of last year. Today she called to re-order her seeds, enzymes, B17-500mg, and panc-aid herbs and informed me that her most recent scan amazingly showed all her liver legions completely gone and no movement with her pancreas tumors. To ask her what she has been doing, you may email her at [email protected] She dabbled with the H202, she juices a couple of times per day, she cleansed with Cream of Tar Tar for a couple of weeks in the beginning (red cabbage, carrot and Beet) and did a two week no carb diet.

Feb 27, 2012 Katharine Wiebe’s husband feet had swelled up back in July of 2011, and was rushed to the hospital only to find that he had advanced prostate cancer measuring a 7 on the Gleason Scale. Further scans showed no cancer in the bones yet but a sizable cancerous mass in the prostate. They told the doctor they were going to start eating apricot seeds and the doctor emphatically told them that they would not help a bit in the situation. The doctor informed Mr. Wiebe that after his prostate operation, he would have to receive 7 weeks of Chemotherapy and Radiation. The Wiebe’s argued with the doctor every visit insisting upon eating the seeds only to hear over and over from the doctor that they were wasting time and to just have the operation. Three weeks ago, from today, Mr. Wiebe had his prostate removed only to find out that there was only a small piece of cancer in the left corner as opposed to the previously diagnosed much larger cancerous mass throughout his prostate. The doctor no longer suggests any follow up chemotherapy or radiation and the Wiebe’s say it is quite obvious now that the operation was not needed. If they had only scanned the prostate prior to surgery, it would have been clear that the cancer had shrunk down to nearly nothing, rendering the operation unnecessary. On another note, Mr. Wiebe was taking acid reflux meds such as Nexium (which they now say causes all types of problems) and I told him to use apple cider vinegar instead like I did for my Barrett’s Esophagus. In three weeks he is better without acid reflux and off his meds.

Nov. 10, 2011 I spoke with Frank Meyer today who reminded me of his lung cancer diagnosis back in 1999 along with his friend who had the same finding of lung cancer. Frank had just had major heart surgery, so he refused to have his chest fully opened and waited for his partial lung removal to be done through three puncture holes from side. While waiting for this exclusive procedure Frank began eating 30-40 apricot seeds per day and a couple of the 500mg tablets of B17 2 or three times per day. After 30 days Frank went in for surgery. When he awoke the doctors told him that when they took the lobe of his lung out they found shrunken tumors that were full of necrosified cancer cells. That mean “dead” cancer cells. Since then Frank has been maintaining 7 seeds per day and a changed diet. 12 years later Frank is strong and healthy and giving talks on the benefits of the seeds and vitamin. His friend opted for the chemo and operation and passed on less then year later, refusing the seeds and a changed diet. Frank’s email is [email protected] He is presently writing his story to be posted when we receive it.

Sept 29. 2011 Temple Sutton was diagnosed with espophageal cancer in January of 2011 and all of the doctors told her to have her esophagus removed and have chemo and radiation. She refused and instead had some small operations with Dr. Antillon, where he would raise the mucocous of her esophagus and remove the parts that were cancerous. This procedure was to be done every two months. The cuttings were cancerous upon the orignal operative session. She began the apricot seeds and 3 B-17 500 mg per day. After a couple of months the cuttings were no longer cancerous but precancerous. Just 4 weeks ago there was no sign of cancer or abnormal tissue. The doctor had to bring another doctor in the room because he couldn’t believe it. They took 50 biopsies (small punctures) and none were cancerous according to the pathology report. She has no signs of cancer. Her email is [email protected]

Sept. 28 2011 I Was just about to hang up and say goodbye to Chandrika when she said “By the Way, I had a breast tumor that was biopsied and diagnosed as cancer 8 months ago. I refused to get the follow up operation and chemo and radiation. The dr. left some of it inside which made me very mad. I also had a huge tumor in my pelvis for years but because it was benign the doctors said to leave it. I would get scans every 6 months to make sure the pelvis tumor was not growing. Just last week, after eating the seeds, supplements and the B-17 every day for 8 months, my scans showed my breast completely clean of cancer and my tumor in my pelvis completely gone.” I asked Chadrika why she never told us. She said sorry. I told her how the judge didn’t believe that the thousands that have had tumors disappear, don’t write in. She will write her story and email it later on. Once your tumor shrinks, please call or email us so we can keep record. Her email is [email protected]

August, 2011, Ms. Yelena Pinchuk reported a few months ago that her father seemed to be getting better from the stage four brain cancer. Well, as of last week, Yelena wrote,

Hello Jason, My father doing good, alive & better than I remember him in a long time. Thanks to you for not giving up, and for letting people know that cure to cancer is know…
Who believed – they alive.
After you posted my number, I received many phone calls, and was sharing dads recovery story, and everything I knew about B17 .
Last MRI my dad had about a month ago, and I couldn’t belive my eyes, even scar itself become smaller, thinner and no cancer cells.
Doctor repeated again saying: I don’t know what you doing, but it makes remarkable result, keep doing! Base on MRI- he is cancer free.
My father still takes B17 pills and apricot seeds everyday- and will continue for the rest of his life.


May 28th 2011. Dear Jason :  I promised you last year that if my cousin was cured of stomach cancer by your apricot pits I would let you know.  My cousin took 20 apricot pits for 6 weeks and made no other changes in diet.  What was interesting and I phoned to tell you this was that my cousin had very severe itching on his whole body during this process.  Like I told you I believe he was expelling toxins through his skin as toxins are expelled thru your urine, feces and skin.  A little background on his situation was that he had a tumour in his stomach and the doctor operated on him, got rid of the tumour but the tumour grew back.  The doctor wanted to operate on him again but I had come across your site ( of course you know there are no coincidences in this life) I was sent to your site by God whom | love dearly.  The rest was he took the apricot pits for 6 weeks and went to the doctor to see if it was still there and lo and behold it was gone.  That was in January of 2011 and he went again in May of 2011 and the doctor said it was not there and he needed to come in once a year from now on.  Jason thank you from the bottom of my heart, I know what to do now if any of my loved ones get cancer, may God bless you and yours. I was contacted by a friend whos sister has brain cancer and I told her about your site and she will be ordering the apricot pits and B-17 laetrile and I know she will be cured.  Keep up the Lord’s Work!  It saddens me that there are so many desperate people and especially children who are suffering from this devestating disease and there are cancer cures like yours and people just don’t know about them.  I am getting the word out there as much as I can believe me. So anyways lots of love and I will let you know about the woman who has brain cancer.   Ronnie Atwal.

This week (Feb, 2011) I stayed by the phones and guess what, three new success stories. Well not new, old I should say because Emit Fisher was with us since the beginning when he was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis back in 1998, an incurable deadly tumor which rapped itself around his 3rd, 4rth and 5th Lumbar about his spine. He did not have an operation. He began eating about 45 kernels a day along with 3 pancreatic enzymes per day until after just a short time the pain subsided and the Cat Scan showed an unexplainable shrinkage of the constricting proliferating tissue. Mr. Fisher goes on to explain how the doctors told him that the tumor should be getting bigger and bigger but that it was getting smaller and smaller. Now in 2011, Emit Fisher’s tumor is COMPLETELY gone, although it took up until 2009 for the cancer to totally dissipate. (Similar with my kidney cancer which is still present but shrunken) Mr. Fisher explains how after the first year of taking 45 seeds per day and a three enzymes per day, that in 1999 about 9 months after first diagnosis and seed intake, he began eating only a few seeds a day and one enzymes tablet every other day. His email address is [email protected] And his cell number is 832-287-6997. Please only call if you are the person with the cancer.

Emmit Fisher from the above story has a friend Millard Hodge whose prostate cancer caused a PSA count of 40 and after eating the seeds it went down to .2

Hello Jason, I don’t have all the dates in front of me but was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer in 2007. I had body scans, surgery, radiation and body scan again. After I was pronounced cancer free, my mother sent me a copy of the book, “World Without Cancer.” I was again diagnosed with thyroid cancer in the left lung in 2008, after another body scan (more radiation). A biopsy on the lung was the next step (have you ever seen THAT needle?) I asked for three weeks and called Christian Brothers to order apricot seeds. Three weeks later I asked for another scan instead of the biopsy. They were shocked to have “lost” the cancer. I was tickled but soon was over the scare and stopped bothering with the apricot seeds. In 2009, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in the ovary, after another body scan. A biopsy and possible hysterectomy was the next step. I asked for three weeks and got started on the apricot seeds again. After three weeks I asked for a body scan instead of the biopsy. They have no idea where the cancer could have gone :o) I am very relieved and thankful to be cancer free. I am thankful to the Lord, Mr. Griffin, Jason Vale, and Christian Brother’s apricot seeds! I have decided that the peace that comes from prevention is even better than the thankfulness after the seeds rescue me so I will be faithful to my seeds, even when I feel well. Thank you!! ~ Wendyjo [email protected]>

Happy New Year. It is 2011 and the Graham’s have been kind enough to share their testimonial of success with Brain Cancer through prayer and the use of apricot seeds and B-17. Here is a summary and then I will just copy and paste Mrs. Graham’s story as she writes it word for word. Mr and Mrs Graham have been ordering from us at Christian Brothers since the beginging, about 16 years ago. Mrs. Graham has a large tumor removed from her brain that left her half paralyzed and blind in one eye. Upon her next check up she was told there were two more brain tumors and to prepare for another operation. At that point she began with apricot seeds and two 500mg B-17 tablets per day. Her next scan showed NO TUMORS! From that day on she took seeds and one 500mg tablet per day and Today, January of 2011 she is still cancer free, SIXTEEN YEARS LATER. If you have brain cancer and need to contact her, email her at [email protected] (They live in the UK and will give phone contact info for the serious) Here is her story directly from her email. Dear Jason,

My name is Anne Graham wife of Peter and as you asked, I detail my testimony below. 18 years ago we went to live in Cyprus. We were and are born again believers with strong faith that God keeps His promises and His word is true. What we did not know is that I had avery large tumour growing across my brain – pushing my brain to one side so that it looked like a peanut shell. After about one year of living inCyprus the symptoms began to show up and I was diagnosed with this tumour. We came back to the UK for confirmation and to see what they could do. They operated, were successful in taking the tumour away but I was left paralyzed down my left side – head to toe and partially blind in my left eye. The hospital said they believed I would never walk again and that I should register blind because I would never be able to see properly again. Of course I did not register blind because my faith was telling me that was not true and I would get all my bodily functions back again. My God was more than able to heal me. God also was able to keep me safe through the operation. I have a sound mind, alert brain and a good memory. When I came out of hospital I was prayed for by an American couple in their church, was totally healed of the paralized and never went back into the wheelchair again. I gradually received my eyesight back a little at a time after that. I can see to do most everything now- only trouble is I can see the dust in the house and have to clean it. I also have to sew my husbands buttons on his shirt when they come off. ha ha. On returning back to the hospital for a check up I was told I had two more tumours in my brain – not to worry, they said – let them just grow and they would go back in and remove them at a later date. You can imagine how I felt. When I got home I got on my knees and cried out to God that as a born again christian this should not be happening to me. I told God I could not have the top of my head off again. I carried on alarming, it’s a wonder he did anything to help me. BUT He did. My husband Peter received an e. mail that Christian Brothers had sent to someone else detailing the benefits of B17. As you know, if you send an e. mail to an incorrect address it comes back undelivered. Anyway we read it and took on board the information as if it was the Lord working to show us the way. We ordered the B17 and I took it and went back for a scan after 3 months and the two tumours were gone. I have been taking a precautionary dose of one tablet 500 mgs per day since – for about 16 years. I have a scan every year and am very well. After taking B17 all that time I am still alive. I have not been poisoned. We bring B17 in for other people with good success, especially with prostate cancer, bowel cancer and bladder cancer. A few people have died because of late diagnosis I am very well and keen to give encouragement to others so you can give them my e.mail address or even telephone number if you want to. I put my success down to believing in the Lord Jesus and the fact that God gave us apricots as it says in Genesis 1 verse 29. Best Regard Anne Graham.

December 7, Spoke to Toni Smith this evening. She was diagnosed with tumors on her thyroid last year and was told to have a biopsy. She refused to be cut but would allow a needle biopsy. About two months before the biopsy of Oct. 2009, she started eating the apricot seeds and B-17 religiously. After about two months, in Oct., she went ahead with the needle biopsy. The results showed inconclusive, as they could not find cancer cells. Her voice had been getting deeper and hoarse and swallowing had been getting more painful, both common thyroid cancer symtoms. After beginning B-17 therapy, the pain during swallowing went away, her voice returned to normal and the lumps decreased. Although the doctor said that the lumps did not significantly reduce, THEY DID! They will tell you that there has not been significant reduction even when the reports show a difference from 5cm to 3.5cm. They reason that they can not say that there has been a decrease because it is possible that the tumors were measured at different angles. This is the story that Toni was told and is the identicle story I was told as my kidney tumor shrunk with each and every scan. (my reports went from 2.5 to 2.3 to 2.2 to 2.0 to 1.8 to 1.5 and to 1.1 over a few years, each time being told that there had not been a significant difference from the previous scan.) Her doc now tells her with lackluster enthusiasm that Toni’s thyroid issue still needs to be followed. Her Dr. knows Toni is using her own natural methods. Her own natural methods that killed off the cancer cells before the biopsy. Call for her email. Note : Many times women with lumps in their breast start the seeds before their biopsy, only to cause the lump to disappear rendering the biopsy useless and their Dr. incorrectly concluding that it couldn’t have been cancer.

June 20, 2010  My name is John Marshall. Being sixty-six years old, the past twenty years I’ve experienced a lot of minor cancer procedures-surgery, freezing, blue light. My latest episode with skin cancer was major. I was told that I had a situation with my leg whereas I not only needed major surgery but if the one inch square open wound that I’d had on my left leg didn’t improve it could very easily lead to amputation. Three weeks prior to the surgery, my friend Stephanie stopped by my office. She told me that she had beaten her cervical cancer by eating raw apricot seeds. She gave me a bag of the seeds and instructed me on how many to take.

I started eating them right away but not in any consistent fashion. Then one day I was so hungry and all I had was that bag of seeds. I ignored the directions to work up to the desired amount of daily intake and instead I ate two big handfuls in order to cure my hunger. Within one hour I realized just how potent those seeds are. I felt so sick. I was high on apricot seeds and it felt like the equivalent of about 30 shots of tequila. I couldn’t see. I couldn’t walk. My hands and arms felt numb. I had to leave work. I shouldn’t have driven home but I did anyway. When I got there I couldn’t get out of my car very well and couldn’t get the key in the front door.

After a night of sleep I was fine. But, the REALLY BIG NEWS was that within about three to five days of that episode I realized that the open sore on my leg, that had been there for the past nine month, was COMPLETELY HEALED. I was overjoyed and was able to cancel the surgery. Steph heard the news and came down to my office to see for herself. She encouraged me to write this down so that other people could benefit from my experience. If you would like to contact me regarding this testimony my e-mail is [email protected]. Aloha, John Marshall

June 2010, I have been staying away from calling customers just to play it safe.  My supervised release is over in a few months and that is when I will petitions the courts to end the confusing injunction on me which can be be interpreted as all encompassing or restrictions according to statute.  I called Ms. Yelena Pinchuk and she informed me of her success with her father’s brain cancer and apricot seeds/vitamin B-17 intake.  In Feb. of 2008 her father was told that he had stage 4 brain cancer with a few months to live, maybe six months to if he had an operation.  In April 2008 he had the surgery.  His recovery was slow and complicated.  By July he was blind in his left eye due to fluid build up and the cancer had returned.   They scheduled another surgery for Sept.  Mr. Pinchuk found our website, read the stories, believed and her father started the seeds and B-17, 50 per day and a few tablets of the 500mg.  He stopped coffee.  Five weeks later he had his second surgery to which he woke up sharp, refused pain medication and recovered brilliantly.   They spoke with my grandmother who told them to use the DMSO on the head to help swelling and to help bring the nitrilosides through the blood brain barrier.  He was taking some type of honey supplement as well.  In 2009 he went for a check up.  The doctor on call thought he was checking for blood clots in the legs and refused to believe that Mr. Pinchuk was there for a check up for a brain cancer operation.  The DMSO had just about dissolved the scars from the operation to the point where they were not detectable.  The doctor made them wait as he pulled up the records to make sure.  The brain tumors are shrunk or gone and the Pinchuk family is being talked about among many doctors and being questioned as to how this man has not succumbed to the normal course of growing brain cancer.  He walks, exercises and refused to stop eating 50 seeds a day along with some 500mg tablets. Sister Yelena, the G-d fearing, faith yielding lady of compassion will accept your call at 717-802-0792, if you are in need of prayer, confirmation or direction.

March, 2010  My grandmother, the lovely lady who has been taking your calls over the last fifteen years was diagnosed with Stage 4 B-Cell Lymphoma last year June.  While I was in prison, I asked her every day for the first few years if she was taking the seeds to which she answered, yes.  I was livid when I found out that she had stopped taking them for the last couple of years.  Multiple nodules consistent with Lymphoma were found above and below her diaphragm.  She scheduled a biopsy and began consuming the seeds again.  Within days she thought her neck nodule shrunk.  Upon coming out of sedation from the biopsy a month later, the doctor said he ran into complications when he couldn’t’ find the tumors that had been there just a month earlier.  Click here for that radiologist report I scanned in.  Regardless, her doctor advised her to start on chemotherapy to which she agreed.  My own grandma….one of the chemotherapy drugs she took had a side effect of causing lymphoma, the exact cancer she is trying to get rid of.   Thankfully she did all of her natural therapies during her chemo and a month before in preparation.   She suffered no sickness and a little thinning of the hair.  Her red cell count had been low throughout therapy.  Now a year later, after finishing chemo a new nodule has been spotted in the pleura of her lung about 1.0 cm.  My family was shocked at this because the one thing that the apricot seeds is most effective in doing is stopping metastasis in any other place withn the body.  The Sloan Kettering Study even reported this some 40 years ago.  The chemo she was on causes lymphoma as a side effect and for now will blame the new growth on they Cytoxin.

2009   A close friend, Mike Arotsky visits his brother all the way out on the tip of Long Island every week.  His brother is in a home for the disabled.  After smoking two packs a day for over twenty years, Mike gets a call from his brother that the hospital did a Cat Scan and found spots all throughout his lungs.  He was told he had three months to live or less if he didn’t start the chemo immediately and with the chemo he may have 6 months.  Well let me tell you a little something about Mike.  First of all, click here to see a picture of him. Mike’s tough.  Mike has tattoos on every inch of his body.  Mike works in nursing homes singing to the elderly.  Mike stays at home and cares for his mother.  He’s a special person, different from the rest.  Mike ground up a couple hundred seeds, went to the hospital to see the doctor with his brother and stormed back out after realizing that there were no guarantees being offered except imminent death.  His brother trusts and began eating 20 seeds a day and cut down to a pack a day.  It’s about nine months and why don’t you call him to find out the rest. 917-826-4524.  If you really don’t want to call, then just take a guess as to how strong and healthy his brother is this very moment.

Hi Jason, Heather from Edmonton, Canada. Well I did go to the surgeon the day before my surgery to see if the cancer had diminished. My friend and I were standing there and on the monitor, there was still white. But I thought it looked like it had dwindled, but I wasn’t sure. My doctor said, “the cancer is still there, just by the monitor, she didn’t do the biopsy, so off I go thinking that all my efforts failed, but meanwhile, in disbelief, I began to think, but I feel like a million bucks! What’s going on? So off I go the next day, reluctantly to surgery.  Ok, they didn’t tell me much about the massive swelling involved (that happens after surgery), so 4 days after being released, I am rushed in an ambulance to the hospital because my stomach and lower pelvis area were swelling immensely.  8 hours later the catheter is finally out and I am ok to go home, and after a $395.00 ambulance ride they tell me that kind of swelling is normal.  So my doctor calls me on the 11th, and tells me the followin” I don’t know if you are going to be pissed off or happy”, “Heather, the results are negative, no cancer spread, and all the cancer is gone, she also said the one ovary they took out was fine too, no cancer. She said she took it out because it looked irregular[ I did tell her if she went in and saw that the ovaries didn’t appear ok then she could take them]. So I only have one ovary left, and everything else they took out. Now here is the clincher, she proceeded to tell me that the stage1b cancer was gone, and what we saw on the monitor was merely the pre-cancer. Jason, it was gone and you were right.  I am full of emotion over this. I knew it was gone but the white mass confused us into thinking it was the advanced cancer. So not quite sure how to proceed, I do however know that my efforts haven’t been squashed.  I proceed with my organic diet as well as wheatgrass, and apricot seeds.  If anything, I have learned much about life and more importantly myself.  Heather.

Click here for Heather’s full diet for the 5 weeks it took to get rid of her cancer.

The seeds kill it off quick, organic diets, the oil and wheatgrass, build the system and better the terrain and could even possibly get the same results without the seeds but much further down the road.  (Jason)


Feb 4th 2003

Update  1996 Don Brown first dealt with us…he had Mantel Cell Lymphoma and started with the apricot seeds, B17,  mushroom blend and essiac tea.  I just called him now and he is strong as a horse.  and takes his mushrooms, essiac tea and apricot seeds, B17. He is still cancer free and always REFUSED THE CHEMO AND RADIATION.  Only call him if you have a similar cancer.  His number is 734-675-6136.  By the way, Mantel Cell Lymphoma is deadly….

Update,  Maria Hardwick back in 1998 called us up because she had breast cancer.  She refused chemo and started the seeds.  She did take some radiation.  I just spoke with her and she is strong as a pony.  She is starting on the Coral Bone powder now for her bone density loss.  Her bone density will start increasing within a couple of months as she takes between 6 and 9 capsules per day of our pure coral…our coral has nothing added…


Oct 15 2002

Debbie Kaui Family has a history of kidney disease.  Her mother was on dialysis for 5 years and then she started getting it.  She was considered boarder line dialysis.  She started getting with edema.  She took all types of meds for the swelling.  She was in be for two and half months.  While she was in the hospital the told her that her white cells weren’t producing the right amount of white cells and that she would need a bone marrow transplant.  She had a port installed in her neck for all types of other meds…  her sister came to the hospital about 4 days before she was scheduled for the transplant and gave her apricot seeds.  She started eating about 20 per day Four days later after another blood test just before the bone marrow transplant operation the doctor came up and said that everything seemed to be normal and she didn’t need the transplant.  She started crying, her husband cried, her sister praised G-d.    She’s from Hawaii.  Her phone number is 8086762488.  Truth.

Anthony Morea gave me his scans where his tumors shrunk down to half the size for some of them, to nothing for others.  Click here for those scans of his lymphoma success after eating 30 seeds per day, carrot juice, vitamin A. and some other supplements.

I have pictures that were just sent to me of a lady who had a breast tumor and used the CANSEMA/DRAW and the tumor came out of the breast in 10 days.  They are very tough pictures to look at.  If you had or have breast cancer and need to see these pictures please call the office and request them.  They will be emailed to you.

July 25th

Aurelia Alexandra Ailla found a lump in her left breast when she went for a routine mammogram (mammograms have been known to cause cancer in the first place) and they said they would send her to St. John’s. It’s like a Sloan Kettering in Santa Monica.  Dr. Nora Hansen is the cancer specialist in Santa Monica.  She took an ultra sound or the suspicious lump and instructed her to come back in three months because the Dr.  wanted to watch it.  Aurelia started the apricot seeds and DMSO in November.  She keeps the DMSO in her bathroom along so she remembers.  She dips a cue tip in the DMSO and sucks the juice off the end as she eats 3 or 4 seeds at a time. She eats about 10 seeds throughout the day.  When she went back for the follow-up exam in February the lump was completely gone.   Last night she found out that her uncle Frank has a cancer in the nose.  If he prays and follows natural healing methods which include apricot seeds, vegetable juice, some Essiac tea he can rid himself of the annoyance.  [email protected]


July 24th, 2002.

7 years ago Lynn Lawson was diagnosed with a brain tumor because of seizures.  She started shark cartilage and it stayed the same for a year.  She thought this was not success so she stopped.  Over the next 6 years it slowly but continuously grew to about the size of an egg.  Last year for the first time she had an operation in which they took half of it out with further shown growth thereafter. (she had chemo as well and it kept growing)   As of December 2001, she started eating about 50 apricot seeds per day and took a 100mg of the apricot seed extract per day.  June 24th 2002, her MRI brain scan showed the tumor had shrunk down.  This was the first report of shrinkage in 7 years.    Her phone number is 519 421-0244.

Mike Mauro pulled a muscle/ligament that was bothering his leg for two years.  After applying the DMSO for a couple of weeks a couple of times per day on that part of the leg (on the side of the knee) the pain is gone.

Gayle  Kamei had a rash that wouldn’t go away and a cold sore.  She had used tea tree oil which didn’t work…DMSO worked immediately.

Susan Blake’s mother’s dog was brought in to have an operation on a tumor that grew.  A Golden Retriever named Bailey.  The tumor proved cancerous and they doctors suggested all types of treatment.  The family said NO and just waited.  The tumor started growing back again and this time the daughter told her mother to give the dog apricot seeds.  The tumor shrunk right down….LIKE ALWAYS, and the dog is fine.  The operation cost about $800 and the seeds cost about 2$ for the amount the dog had.  Her e-mail address to talk to her is [email protected]

John had prostate infection on and off for a few months.  He began the willow flower, the colloidal silver, the prostate capsules and coral water and in two weeks the infection is gone.  He only wants his first name used.

Feb 7th. ; Roy called about his wife who’s oxygen level was below normal and had been to the hospital in the past for levels below 25%.  Her levels were back up to the 85% when she started taking “BREATH” and her levels are now at 100%.  He called to make sure that his wife can continue taking the breath without breaks.  Breath can be taken continuously.

February 1st, 2002.  Dusty Baker called.  He is the manager of the San Francisco Giants.  He started the willow flower herb and apricot seeds after having a prostectomy.  His PSA is under 1, his blood pressure has gone down and his blood sugar.  He is also taking the Reiche mushroom tablets along with the willow and seeds.

Jan 26th 2002, Kelly Sullivan called from The Village Herbalist store in Chicago.  She just reordered a large supply of willow flower for the prostate because her client are getting very good results.  One client who had a urinary infection for some time and could not fully be helped by the store’s regular products began the willow flower and in no time the infection cleared up.  Kelly’s phone number at the store is 630 942 1416.

Jan 19, 2002***Update, Joan Gates, had bladder cancer in 1997 started BCG treatments and stopped by 1998.  Bladder tumors reappeared.  Started Melamices and tumors kept coming.  Restarted BCG in 1999 tumors reappeared.  Jan of 2000 started apricot seeds and stopped everything else.  As of today there has not been a regrowth of any sort. Her phone number is 909 983 1202

***Joan called in today to report about her dog who’s lymph tumors shrunk after using seeds and something else.  She is starting her dog on the chaparral.  All tumors shrunk and there’s a different piece near his neck.   She is worried. (I don’t know why)  Her phone number is 909 983 1202.

January 17, 2002

Richard Bernier called and reported that he had had a black mole on his face for his whole life.  It started getting bigger and bigger and the doctors wanted to operate on it.  He started about 14 seeds per day and 300mg of B-17 (apricot Kernel Extract).  In less than one month the growing black mole completely went away.  His phone number is 860-763-1020.

Bob Blake UPDATE called a couple of years ago.    His lung cancer tumor has not grown.  He had the other lung taken out a couple of years ago due to cancer and started the seeds, enzymes, coral, cansema.  To date he kept his second lung which they wanted to operate on and give chemo and radiation.  He denied the chemo and radiation two years ago and this is an update telling of his stable progress. His phone number is  814-764-3870

Jan 12

So Far (in six years of sales)about three people in total that said they urinated more often rather than less and hundreds have had their condition improved from 50 to 100 percent.  In most cases it is closest to 100 percent.  One other person from Dr. Privitera’s office said he didn’t get better either.  Willow Flower Herb, one-three cups per day.  Then when the problem decreases, decrease intake also.

Henry Reily UPDATE
Came to us in 1995 Diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer via biopsy the psa was 11 and Gleason score was 7. He started the apricot seeds and other vitamins and supplements.  The cancer stopped but he opted to get an operation and have radiation seeds implanted in 1997 two years later.  In only a year after the operation and the implants the cancer was back in full force, he had stopped the apricot seeds and vitamins at the time believing he was cured and didn’t have to maintain. Believing the conventional medicine cured him the PSA started going back up and in 1999 the PSA was up again and the biopsy in showed the cancer in 3 out of 11 places.  The Gleason score was at 8.    The doctors sent him home and basically said, good luck in your last year or so.  He called us back up again and started the seeds and other vitamins and is feeling good.  He still dabbles with conventional drugs.
THIS IS AN UPDATE.  His phone number is 570 288 594.

Ultra Lax gets constant compliments that it is the best formula that they have ever used.
Delbert Shaver had a PSA of about 8 a year ago and is now 4 after eating seeds and some other health products.  He was diagnosed with prostate cancer after a biopsy and is doing fine and will continue to do so.  Also, his knees were bad and after taking the Joint Heal and the Coral Calcium his one knee is 100 percent better and the other one, which had been worse, is 50 percent better and he feels it will keep getting better as he continues.  He was just sent the DMSO.

My friend Anthony who’s lymphoma tumors shrunk down about 50% after eating 30 seeds per day, has decided to eat horrible again.  He stopped the seeds for a month or so and now is starting again.  Some people!

I am a 55 year old man in very good condition, however- I recently was
diagnosed with a prostate infection. (Frequent urination and urgency) I was
given strong antibiotics by my doctor which made me so sick that he had to
prescribe some milder antibiotics. After 10 days, they helped to a small
degree but the frequent urination reoccurred. I ordered some Willow flower
herb tea and used about one heaping teaspoon once or twice a day. The
frequent urination was gone in about one week and I felt much better. I
would HIGHLY recommend using this Willow flower herb for this type of

You may include my e-mail address: [email protected]

Paul Bento,  Professional musician who learned from eastern guru’s had precancerous cells in the bladder.  Had two operations and was having problems urinating.  Started the willow flower and the problems have subsided, is experiencing calmness, relaxed more fluent stream and less body odor.  Was having two -three cups per day.  His last bladder scan showed clean.

Darlyne L. Conn

Was constipated for years and after taking 2 ultra lax per day, she is having 2-3 bowel movements per day.  She had used Metamucil and claims that ultra lax is far better.

Hai Jason,

I don’t know if you remember me.. I am Deepak From India. I had written to you about my mothers pancreatic cancer about an year ago.  We used the apricot seeds and B 17 along with other treatment.  Today she had a check up with ultra sound and It reported no tumor in the pancreas and liver and gave a clean bill of health, PRAISE THE LORD

I cant thank you enough for your support and guidance. May GOD bless you in all of your endeavors to help other people.

your ever thankfully

[email protected]

Hebert Colby was urinating about three times per night.  Started the willow flower and now sleeps through the night without getting up to urinated.  [email protected]


Keith Cordle had been urinating about two time per night.  Upon ingestion of the Willow flower tea, he sleeps through the night.  (two weeks)

Charles Messina was going to the bathroom throughout the night.  He started the willow and the problem cleared up.  He says that he has to take the willow once in a while now to maintain.

Anthony Morea from Long Island was diagnosed with Lymphoma approx. 3 months ago.  He attends Valley Steam Assembly of God Church in Valley Stream Long Island.  (this is my church also)  He would not even read the info at the website because he was scared that it would give him a bad feeling about chemo and he wanted to stay positive if he was going to go that route.  (that’s a good one)  He finally went to the site and started eating about 30 apricot seeds per day.  He called me last week to report that his cat scan showed that all of his tumors were down 50 percent and the doctors have nothing to say.  His phone number is 1-516-322-5780

Sept 29th. Sandra Mitchell had a car accident in 1976.  She was in the hospital 3 months and they did fusions to the nerves and was in traction.  In 1985 the pain came back and she went back in the hospital for another fusion to eliminate the pain.  In 1991 she had two more fusions which made the pain worse.  She started on pain pills but the only relief was for an hour. Afterwards she would go to the chiropractor, but after an hour the pain would come back again. She received an e-mail from Christian Brothers back in 1996 and has just recently started the DMSO.  When she put it on, the pain stopped completely. She goes all day with no pain. Her phone number is  757 427 9711

Sept. 27th.  David Hine had bursitis in the shoulder.  He used DMSO on it and it is now better.

Alison had swollen breasts that caused pain 5 days before her period every month for over 17 years.  One month on the Dominican Noni juice and she had her period with not one drop of pain or PMS.

To date, Ultra Lax has worked with 100% of those who use it and report in, except for one lady who was on four other medications.  If she kept using it, it would have eventually worked even in her case, I believe.  Going to the bathroom twice per day is normal and healthy.  Many women go once every couple of days and do not realize that this causes toxic build up that the body can not handle for long with out breaking down.

Nine out of 10 people that use the Willow flower experience results from 50-100% improvement from either frequent urination or blocked urination. (these are not approved study statistics.)  Three people have complained that the willow flower made them go to the bathroom over 3 times per hour.  I think they should stick with it, as sometimes a problem can get worse before it improves. Although, they have chosen to stop.

Update:  Michael Kane who had stage 4 Lymphoma three years ago started the seeds and a whole new healthy diet, refused much of what he was conventionally told. He is doing fine and is taking his test to become a sergeant. click here for his personal account of his success from terminal cancer

Sept. 15  Phil Hart had frequent urination at night.  After two weeks of taking the willow flower herb tea he is better.  His e-mail address is [email protected]

Sept. 20th  Betsy Shephard has just reported in concerning her bone density loss and acid reflux.  She faxed over her density reports from three years ago until present.  Her bone density has been consistently getting lower over the years from 289 down to 270 and lower.  She started the Bone powder in April of 2001 and since then, for the first time ever, her bone density has gone up on each test since.  SHE WAS ALSO TAKING TWO ANTACID TABLET PER DAY AND IS NOW OFF OF THEM.  She is 61 and can run down the hill again and jump out of the back of her family’s pick up.  She went to visit her family where she went water skiing again for the fist time in years.  That night after skiing she slept on the hard floor and woke up with no aches the next day.  She says she feels her bone getting more dense, whereas before she felt them hollowing out.  Her e-mail address is  [email protected]

Sept. 2001.  Joan Gates was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 1997 after an operation.  8 weeks later is recurred.  She took BTG and waited three months and there were 10 tumors back but had not penetrated the bladder wall.  She put her on BTG again and it failed.  In Feb of 1998 they didn’t find cancer but put her on a monthly dose of matamycine.  At the end of 1999 the cancer had broken through the bladder wall.  She had our information in her Bible from back in 1998 but did not do anything about it.  In 1999 after her last operation, she went to a nutritionist and they said to eat apricot seeds, juice carrots, take vitamin A and lessen meats.  THE CANCER HAS NOT RETURNED, IT’S BEEN ABOUT 30 MONTHS.  Only those with cancer may call the office to get her phone number.  She will talk of her experience.

The willow flower herb is taking away urinary burning in people.  It is slowing down nightly frequent urination and for some that have stints, it is helping them go to the bathroom regularly.


Barbara’s knees started hurting to the point where she was waking up through out the night.  After applying DMSO the pain went away and came back a little later on.  That night the pain returned stronger and she put the DMSO on and took the Joint Heal, again and the pain went away.  The pain has not returned.  Her phone number is 718-446-6641.  Her situation was the beginning of arthritic problems and not the result of years of deterioration, that is why she healed up so quick.  More severe cases need more time.

Darla had a mole on her hand and an 8 year old cyst.  She started eating apricot seeds and the cyst went away.  She picked the mole off once or twice until it was gone.  She is eating the bitter seeds as of now but started with the Hunza dried seeds at first.

May 7, 2001  Talked to Marge Talbert who has had shingles for 16 weeks and bad back pain in the morning.  She was told to take the DMSO internally.  The shingle has about gone away after three days of taking two teaspoons per day. (Her house smells from it but it has worked wonders.)  She took Joint Care for her back pain and for the first time in a long time she wakes up with no back pain.  Her phone number is 706-374-3111

DMSO for fungus on  legs, success reports and all types of pain (topically)

Charles Messina at 718-463-8245 was urinating every hour at night.  I told him to take the Willow Flower Herb Tea and that in a couple of weeks his urination would return to normal.  In a couple of weeks he normalized and hardly needs the tea anymore.  Charles also had very bad peripheral vision.  He put the DMSO in his eyes twice a day.  His eyes site is getting better as his peripheral vision improved immediately.

More spots have been reported to have been coming off of people after eating the seeds.

I got bit by a dog on my right hand.  The bite went through the muscle and I could hardly move my hand.  These wounds take a few weeks to totally heal and even then there is still constant scabbing.  I put DMSO on the wound immediately after the bite and repeated this every half hour for the first three days and it healed up in 8 days…click here for the pictures and the movie of my monster hand.

April 11th, 2000

Catherine Thompson from Australia took the Joint Heal, Coral Powder and Coral water and in just a couple of weeks her hip pain and ankle arthritis pain is gone.  Her hip pain went from a 10 to a 3 and she is about to cancel her hip replacement operation.  She is not sure if she should because of work.  She is at the gym and doing things she has not been able to do for years.  She also eats the seeds.  I have not had a person yet that I could not help get better from arthritis, osteoporosis, or other joint pains such as bursitis.

April 10th.

Donna Forti had a spot on her back and never had it diagnosed.  She ate the seeds and immediately the spot started itching.  She kept bothering her skeptical husband to scratch it until, in just a few days it fell off.  Her dog (a 12 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback) has lumps all over the body.  She never had one biopsy but there were about 12 and one huge one near the collar.  She gave her two dogs the seeds whole and they would not eat them.  She said that she actually sat down with the dogs and put the seed near the dogs face and said to one, “this is so you won’t die from cancer” and to the other dog she said something similar.  The dogs eat the seeds every day on their own.  Oh, I forgot to tell you that of course the tumors all shrunk right down.  Her skeptical husband said one morning, “Honey, I think the tumors shrunk”.  From that day on they shrunk to about 50% within a few weeks.  Her bird screams when she sees the dogs being fed the seeds and takes a little nibble also.  Her bird normally eats fatty seeds.  Donna Forti’s e-mail address is [email protected]

Greg Grove had renal cell carcinoma like myself in his kidney. (For my success story click here)  He was diagnosed when he started coughing I think.  There were tumors all throughout his lung and in the kidney.  He had his kidney removed.  (He may have had the kidney removed and then the tumors came in the lung.)  Anyway, he started eating the seeds and began the Hallelujah diet.  The constant coughing stopped immediately and instead of dying in a year, it is now two years later and he is a strong as a horse.  He had stopped the seeds and I reminded him that he had better never stop eating the seeds. He is depending on his 7.6 body fluid ph to stay cancer and disease away.  This is true but he had still better eat the seeds.

Kathy had Glaucoma and just after two applications in the eye her doctor said that there is no sign of glaucoma.  ( I have been getting many stories with DMSO including my own story) Her phone number is 718-767-7748  March 14th, 2001 Maggie Smithhart?s mother was diagnosed in 99 and was given about ½ year to live with radiation or without and 1-2 years to live with chemo.  She had one chemo session and her lung collapsed.  She took IP6 and her lung got better right away.>  She started taking the seeds and the extract and was doing fine until she couldn?t get the seeds from us and had to stop taking them.  She was rehospitalized and then we told them of another place to get the seeds and shortly after starting again, she got better. Upon checkups the doctor keeps telling Maggie to take her mother home and make her comfortable.

It’s 2001 and Maggie’s mother feels good and is going to start the coral, Megazyme and the DMSO. March 6th 2001 My friend David had something on his arm which for some time.  Who knows what it was but when I put the Draw paste on, it literally drew the thing out of his arm and onto the floor in a week.  It does not always take only a week but here are the pictures showing what happened.  Click here

FEB 27

Diane Reineke had non-small cell lung cancer (diagnosed in Jan, 2000) and the best she was told was one year to live.  She started on the seeds and the B-17 and then started radiation.  During the radiation nothing shrunk but the pain did finally stop.  She was on the Cansema at and after radiation, red clover and Essiac tea and the orange size tumor started shrinking over the next year?.It is now the size of a half dollar.

Jim Oconnell?s blood pressure normalized from one seed per day.


FEB 23 2001

Robert Blake,  Lung Cancer in the past where they took out a lung.  It came back in the other lung and they told him they have to operate.  He refused the operation last year and started taking 30 seeds per day.  One year later his tumor has been encapsulated and he is now starting the BREATH (herbs for the lung).  The other day he was scratching a mole he had for years and it just fell off?

FEB. 20, 2001

Linda Brown has had growths in the breast for years.  She has had two biopsies and was operated on twice.  She has having abnormal mammograms for years and years.  The last time that the lumps came back she ate the seeds and the lumps shrunk right down and she has just had her first normal mammogram.  (we have evidence that the radiation from mammograms first causes cancer.) Her phone number is 1-940-482-6631 after 3pm.  [email protected]

Irene Posth had three in a half inch hard cyst on her breast.  She took vitamin E with selenium and some times vitamin C which helped some.  But when she took the seeds the tumor went down to ½ inch.  She was taking 7-15 seeds per day.  Her friend had a one inch cyst on the knee cap and took TWO seeds and the cyst was gone.  He had planned surgery and cancelled.  (If you do not believe this call 718-417-4676, ask for Wolfgang Posth)  Their other friend had hemmoriods and they went away with the seeds.  Another friend was bleeding from the Uterus and when the seeds are eaten the bleeding stops.

Feb. 16, 2001

It?s been the longest yet that I haven?t put in a success story due to some special circumstances such as THE FDA BARGING INTO MY HOME AND TAKING OVER $30,000 DOLLARS WORTH OF STUFF.  Boy oh boy.  I offered them some organic fruits and spring water.  They really believed that they were doing something right.  They were not part of a conspiracy, they thought they were protecting people.  Anyway back to success stories.

Stories.  Tons and tons of stories that I have not had time to follow but here?s a few new ones.

Wayne Haynes has had Chronic LL for over five years with no treatment from the doctors.  His white count was 12.8 five years ago and has risen to 28.1 as of Sept. 2000.  Conventional methods say that treatment is needed five years into CLL.  Well not for Wayne.  He started the seeds and the seed extract in Sept, along with some juicing, Coral calcium and Enzymes and in just two months, with no other treatment his count is down to about 10 (normal)  He feels great and you can write him or look his phone number up in information.  Wayne Haynes, Rt. 4 Box 966, Blanchard, Ok. 73010.

William Reed had a PSA of 176 two years ago and started the seeds and extract and had a shot (The shots can lower the PSA in the blood but do nothing for cancer.) from the doctors and his PSA is down to 1.3.  He is now taking the Willow flower herb.

Audrey Howard had colon cancer that spread to the liver diagnosed in April of 2000 with surgery in May removing the colon.  Three sessions  of chemo almost killed her and she went on the seeds and B-17.  She is also on a machine.  She is fine doing all kinds of house work and the reports show that she is in complete remission.

Nicki Green had multiple myeloma throughout the bone.  They had decided on getting a bone marrow transplant three years ago as they also started the seeds and I think the extract.  Three years later he is working every day at 5am and all of the other patients in the support group that had the same think as Nicki are dead.  Call for their family?s phone number if you have a similar situation.

Roger raises show dogs and two years ago he told me how his dogs live to about 8 years old and die of cancer.  He had one dog that had lung cancer and was about to die.  I told him to give the dogs the seeds and they will never die from cancer again.  I just talked to him this month and the dog that was dying is alive with no trace of cancer.  I was a little upset that he never called to let me know.  His e-mail address is [email protected]

Bob Blake had lung cancer and had one lung taken out.  He had pain in the other lung and found that there was a tumor in there also.  He started the seeds, coral water extract, enzymes and pain went away and he feels fine and strong.  I told him to get BREATHE, which is a bunch of herbs in capsule form specifically for the lungs.  His e-mail address is [email protected]

Wes Mickle had a moderately high PSA and started the seeds and the PSA went to normal.  His wife took the seeds for a uterine tumor and the tumor dried up.  (Mentioned earlier in the journal.)

J.B. Houston has basil cell carcinoma of the skin and eats the seeds and has it moderately under control.  I said to him what do you mean moderately??  He said that some of the basil cells weren’t going away?.then he said he was only taking 6 seeds per day and that they were bitter so he washed them down with coffee and a piece of candy?.Candy feeds cancer and he now knows this after I gave it to him for about five minutes?

Sept, 21 2000  Betty Louder has had moles growing since she was a girl.  She has gone to many doctors and they said that there were tentacles on the ends of some of the moles.  They wanted to operate and told her that she would be laid up in bed for 3-4 months due to the amount of work she needed.  In Feb. of 2000 Betty started the seeds and the cansema and is on the Coral water.  Half of the moles have fallen off up to this point and she feels better than she has in years.  Her husband’s e-mail address is elmar1.0.netzero.com 

Sept, 20 2000

Jim Keeling had prostate problems to the point where he was going to the bathroom every night 5-7 times.  He would drink some water in the day time and almost immediately have to go to the bathroom.  We gave him the Willow Flower Herb and after a short time he urinates normal.  He gets up about one time per night and can drink in the day normally.  His e-mail address is [email protected] Jim had been on medications from the hospital….all of which did not work.

Aug 30, 2000

Kerry Sipes had stage 4 Lymphoma.  He has some tumors, two of which are on his neck.  He took Injectable B-17 and the tumors shrunk down and have hardened.  He feels fine.  He is taking other supplements also.

Jim Pruitt had Squamish cell lung cancer.  The tumor was a little larger than an orange.  He just called today updating me on his story from two years ago.  In Oct. of 98 he started taking 3000 mg of Vitamin B-17  and apricot seeds every day.  He started chemo also.  In six weeks the cancer was nearly gone.  The radiologist said that they have never seen a tumor that size disappear like that.  Jim Pruitt has been on a maintenance dose for the past two years and had the remaining tumor biopsied….THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO CANCER LEFT IN THE REMAINING SCAR TISSUE KNOT….  Jim has had two other friends die of lung cancer recently who were not on the B-17 and apricot seeds.  Jim’s e-mail address is [email protected]  Jim Pruitt’s Fibromyalgia went away at the same time his cancer went away as an added bonus….Chemo does not do this.  He feels great even though he made a mistake by getting two biopsies after it shrunk down…there was a great chance that the doctors could have found some cancer cells within that shrunken tumor and then they would have told him that he needs more and more chemo and even maybe radiation.  The few cancer cells that can be left in a tumor such as Mr. Pruitt’s are just there stuck and dormant.  Trying to radiate or chemotherapize (my word) the tumor until it’s gone will kill the person before the rest of the tumor.  I have a tumor in my kidney till this…which shrunk over the first 5 years and is under control or just cancer dead and the rest of scar tissue has just been disintegrating slowly over the last 5 years….I don’t know exactly or care. 

This week two stories of people with skin cancer putting the Cansema on and the tumor immediately falling off.

My dog had a tumor on it’s tail for years…I knew it might be cancer but just watched it.  (rather than bring him in to a vet and then get operated and then chemo and then have them cause my dog to die.)  I put a dab of the Cansema paste on the tumor and two days later the tumor was out and there’s a hole in his tail that is raw…this will heal up….Here’s a digital picture I took of this amazing quick cure.. Yes “quick cure”   Click Here     Update on Sept. 2 (today) the tumor is completely off of my dogs tail and it has scabbed over and almost completely healed.

Hi Jason –

I have been dealing with a melanoma issue for several months now – treating it with B17 and seeds. Around the end of June I noticed another small lump on my skin. This time on my right forearm. It appeared to be about the size of a pea. Rather than have it surgically removed and create yet another scar on my body, I got some topical Cansema salve and dabbed a little bit on it, then covered it. I went to work within an hour, killing the tumor then forming a scab. Two weeks later it fell off. I am now in the healing phase, and there is only a small pink wound. It should be completely healed with hardly any evidence in another week or so. Thanks Jason. Walk by faith, not by sight.


Pete Ramondetta

Success is this: How many people are better off because you lived?

AUG 18TH 2000

Jason, I will try and watch the show. By the way, what is cansema made from?? The paste I recently sent for has had some affect on my sun spots. After applying it, the reaction was very similar to what I experienced at a dermatologists’ office when she “zapped” my precancerous spots. There was a slight stinging and then a slight swelling and redness followed by a scab. In a few days the scab falls off and the redness remains for a few more days. I am just doing a few spots at a time but am happy to get these results … At the skin doctor’s it costs me $75. a spot and insurance does not pay for it. Thanks again for your help. I do wish I could get some written information on cansema. Best wishes, Jill

AUG. 17 2000


I’ve been taking the seeds (10 per day for 16 months. In that time my blood pressure has goner from 190 over 90 to 120 over 72. I also had early glaucoma and that too has cleared up.  The glaucoma was diagnosed by eyeball pressure which was at 25. it is now 16.   I’ve shared with many people in my area about the seeds and over 50 of them have begun to take the seeds also. My father is diabetic but since taking the seeds is now off of insulin. Praise God!  I will never cease to pray for you for the information that you gave to me that has bettered my life. Thanks


John Hughes


There have been many more stories but with the FDA problems and the website problems I could not post them.

I do not have Pat’s permission yet to put her last name on the net but her lymphoma tumors are slowly shrinking down.  Her doctors don’t understand because she has refused chemo or radiation.  She is only taking the seeds and the B-17.  She will start the Coral and the Enzymes and the Cansema.

Dorota Hre Hova went in for a mammogram at 41 yrs old (I do not believe you should  ever go in for a mammogram.  There is tons of research showing that they first cause breast cancer as well as cause the doctors to try to “fix things that aren’t broke”) and the doctors said that they thought they thought they saw something and that she should have a biopsy. They did the biopsy and said they  found cancer cells, and that they needed to go back in to take more out. After the lumpectomy tumors started growing out of the wound which she had removed and they  just regrew. They offered her a drink of chemotherapy and some lovely sessions  of radiation…she refused. (The radiation will cause future lung cancer and the  chemo will cause future brain, bone and/or liver cancer. Then when you have the liver and bone cancer they give you more chemo for the new cancer that was caused). She started on the apricot seeds, the B-17, the Coral, enzymes and Cansema and in ONE WEEK her tumors have shrunk right down. She will be fine.



June 20, 2000

Another hemorrhoid healing. (Don’t know if he wants me to mention his name)

As he says “Here’s something interesting. During my last physical exam (last November), we discovered a small hemorrhoid forming below. I have been mindful of its presence whenever I used the toilet. It wasn’t that big and never caused me any problems – it was just there. Well, the other day I noticed that it was gone. After reading some of the success stories related to this type of thing, I knew that the seeds were working inside of me.  Along with the seeds, I’m taking lots of supplements (have been for years). A Multi-Vitamin, followed by a B-complex, C, Saw Palmetto, Garlic, Echinacea, Co-Q10, Multi-Carotene, Pycnogenol; Alpha Lipoic Acid & Milk Thistle (to protect the liver); Fish Oil and Flax Seed Oil. At this time, I’m really focusing on getting my immune system built up some. This is from [email protected]

Jason, are in my prayers.  As a preventative measure taking seven seeds a day and one ounce of Noni Juice–my joint pain in my hips is gone, my basal cell on my face is gone and I thank God for your work.

God Bless You! [email protected]

MAY 22, 2000: Dear Jason,

I just wanted to thank you for your help and I am so thankful for having found out about apricot seeds. I wanted to tell you what happened to me . Several months ago I had discovered a few lumps in my right breast one of which was very hard and about the size of a walnut. I am not the type of person to go running to the doctor for every little thing and don’t have much confidence in modern medicine , but with all the scare about catching these things early, I did make an appointment , but not until I started taking the apricot seeds . I was also taking Tegreen (decaffeinated concentrated green tea capsules) I’ve been told that Tegreen contains 80x the potency of vitamin C with no stomach upset. I took 6- 10 capsules per day. I also took 6-12 crushed apricot seeds along with enzymes and about a third of a fresh pineapple per day which was recommended by one of your staff. I did this for about 2 weeks, had my bible study group pray for me. A week later, I went to my OBGYN doctor who referred me for an ultrasound and mammogram. They found numerous cysts in both breasts, some of which were suspicious, but many of which I was told were fluid filled. During the following weeks, I continued taking the same amount of apricot seeds and Tea green. I noticed a lot of concentrated pain in my breasts each night—but during this time the lumps were getting smaller and smaller until finally they disappeared altogether . The doctor said I should get another ultrasound in September, but I am confident they will find nothing. Praise God for you and all of what you and your staff are doing. I hope someday people , especially the medical profession will understand and be more accepting of this alternate type of treatment. Thanks again. Nina Martin


There are many more stories.  Click here for some of the letters written to the judge.

Letter from a Non-Hodgkin’s success story. Click Here

Joe Francisco’s blood pressure was 165/115 and was on Norvasc (blood pressure medication) and it hasn’t helped his condition but the doctor keeps him on it.  He started eating the seeds consistently and in three months his blood pressure is 116/65.  He is still on the medication and is now taking himself off.

Betty Fountain was given three months to live with her esophageal cancer.  She started the B-17 and seeds and health foods and 6 months later returned to the doctor and found that he had written deceased on her file.  She is doing fine as of now and her arthritis has also subsided and reduced in pain.  She is up and working around the house again.



DAVID A. MADDEN [email protected]


Hi 🙂 … I hope you can remember me…I’m the person that made a web page about my experience with cancer and how *Laetrile* saved my life. Jason…when I first was diagnosed with cancer I had never heard of Laetrile…it wasn’t until April 1999 that I had found your website and I started taking the VitB17 and apricot seeds….I had suffered a recurrence and wanted to find a natural way to fight it…and find it I did… Thank You {{{{Jason}}}} for putting the word out on the Internet If it wasn’t for you….I know I would have died. The problems the FDA is giving you are shameful…but I think in the long run it will prove their undoing!!!!!The fight for Laetrile has been long and hard….but the *Truth* will prevail!!!!This will only get the people that Laetrile has helped looking for ways to fight this wrong!!!! I have just finished a Message Board that is linked to my web page…. Click here: God’s Answer to Cancer I have put my story about how Laetrile saved me….and invite others to post their stories about Laetrile. I frequent the AOL message boards that deal in Cancer…I tell my story… I Thank *God* you put it out on the net for others!! So that is why I decided to start my own Message Board… that way people can ask questions without being attacked and told how gullible and stupid they would be to seek out *laetrile*… Jason…please go check out my message board… you will find it on the bottom of my web page ;Click here: God’s Answer to Cancer if you would like to post your story on my Message Board…I would be so happy!!!! You have to register  to post to my board…it will ask you to provide a screen name and password… put anything you like… then when you post to my board it will ask for a special password that only I can provide… it is : skyblue2442 It would be great if you could pass this on to people who would like to post hearing from you!!!!! *hugs* bobbi 😉


James Wentz had cancerous mouth legions.  After 6 weeds of taking the B-17, the apricot seeds and apple vinegar three time per day, it is gone.


Michael Snodgrass had much to say.  First, he recalls when his mother was on a rocking chair on the porch and said, “If Joe Golf  lives, you know the answer to cancer is known.” Joe Golf  had colon cancer and was given months to live, and went to Mexico 20 years ago for treatment) Joe lived on for 25 more years.  As of last year Jan, 1999, Michael Snodgrass’ girl friend,  Betty Bailey, was diagnosed with Bone, Lymph cancer and a tumor behind her hear that was causing her vocal cords  to close.  The doctors told her she would live until about March of 1999 with the chemo.  She was told that the chemo might be able to hold the cancer down some.  One week before she started the radiation (she was to do the radiation on the heart tumor first and then start the chemo) she started the apricot seeds, the B-17 500 mg. 5 per day, carrot juicing, vegetables, sweet potatoes, no canned food and a lot of pinto beans.  After taking just three seeds she had to lay down.  (This is very rare)  Her muscles were jumping and they were scared and called our office.  We told them that this happens to some, don’t be alarmed, it’s just the way your body is reacting to detoxification and the introduction of B-17 into a body system that has never had normal doses of this vitamin before.  Her quivering went on for 5 hours.  The next day she took nine seeds and the quivering went on for 2 hours.  After those two days there were no other effects except for health and weight gain. There was a  silver dollar size open pussing wound on her back which healed up that week before she even started the radiation.   She was also more energetic and began walking again.  She was unable to speak due to the pressure on the vocal cords.  After 13 sessions of radiation, the check-up showed that the tumor had completely disappeared and they stopped the rad.  (This was not supposed to happen.) She started the Chemo and the doctors were shocked that she was able to walk around and do things because they said they gave her the strongest dose they could.  She was still cooking breakfast for the family.  She kept her weight on.  There are no signs of cancer to this day.  Her last scan was one month ago.  (There are many more amazing aspects to this story)  She can now speak well even though the doctors said she was going to lose her voice.  To speak to Michael Snodgrass call him at 304 643 2066 or write at po box 11 Harrisville W,V. 26362.

Michael Snodgrass’ father-in-law, Elik Bailey had swelling on his ankle to the point that he was in bed much of the time.  He was taking water pills which didn’t work.  He had to stop his hunting because of his ankle and back pain.  Michael gave him the 100mg tablets and within three weeks, the swelled ankle that was bad for years miraculously became normal.  He pain has gone and he is hunting and working again.  Elik Bailey is 85 years old.

Michael Snodgrass himself, was in Vietnam and he believes that due to the agent-orange he has been tired all the time and couldn’t go up the hills near his home.  Since he started the B-17 and the seeds he claims he can go up the mountain and feels like he did years ago.  The tiredness he used to feel all day long is gone.  (I have received many stories like this but I don’t put them on the web because I try to keep them cancer based stories, Jason)  Michael’s blood pressure went from 150/90 to normal over the last year. He had high blood pressure for a long time. His legs feel stronger now then for the last thirty years, he’s 54.   Michael is still smoking 4 packs of cigarettes per day which is not good. call him…phone above.

Hayward Wilson had one lobe taken off due to cancer and in a follow up test they said that the cancer had spread to the blood.  He started eating about 25 seeds at a pop.  When he went in for a retest the doctors said that they must have made a mistake on the first test because his blood was fine.

Dexter Toothman had cancer in the lung and started the seeds in massive doses.  30-40 seeds each time he sat down to eat them.  He started breathing better right way.  He went on to chemo as the doctors told him that the cancer can be held back or maybe shrink some.  Upon testing the cancer was totally gone in his lungs.  Dexter has not stopped the chemo as of this time.  At this point the chemo can only hurt him.


Michael Roy knew that some type of Lymphoma was forming in body about 5 years ago. Upon diagnosis in the end of 1999, it was discovered that he had Non Hotchkins Lymphoma small cell follicular. By December the tumors were getting painful and bigger. Dec. 24th he started the apricot seeds and the B-17, fresh pineapple, vitamin C and one or two other things. (e-mail him at [email protected] to ask him) In two days the pain went away and the tumors started shrinking under his arm and on his neck. When he went to the oncologist, he said that the tumors under the arm were completely gone and the other had all shrunk down. Michael says he fell to his knees there, and thanked God. On Michael’s way home from the oncologist he wrecked his brand new car. He told the cop at the scene (who was his friend also) “Doesn’t matter!!! I’m better from cancer” and continued to tell the officer his story. Click here for his complete letter and story.

Ramona Santana was diagnosed with breast cancer in Feb. of 1998.   She had a mastectomy and began the chemo, Adriomyacin and Cytoxin.  By June of 1999 tumors were appearing under the arm and in her mid section.  Again the doctors gave her a new chemo, Taxotere.  The tumors continued to grow under her arm.  By Nov. the doctors decided to radiate the tumors.  They burnt her up pretty bad and the tumors did shrink down but two weeks later they started growing back three times as fast.   At this point all they could say is to take an oral chemo called Xeloda.  The tumors continued to grow.  In January 2000 Connie Roberts testified in their church as to God’s cure in apricot seeds etc.  George Santana ordered the apricot seeds, the B-17 and the Cansema and his wife began immediately.  The tumors have shrunk down to half already.  The tumor at the waste line has shrunk and surfaced to the skin and is starting to come out.  Her tumors under her arm have receded back to one place and are coming out of her body on their own.  She’s going to put crushed garlic and aloe on the tumors now because they are drying up and cracking.  The garlic will kill the rest of the tumors and the aloe will heal up the skin.  To write the family mail to: 1510 PARKER ST. Bronx N.Y. 10462  If you have breast cancer only, call our office and we’ll give you her phone number.

Grady Burnette had colon cancer two years ago and was sent home because he was too old to start chemo.  He was in pain and couldn’t go to the bathroom.  He has not done chemo, only the seeds and the B-17 and Noni Juice.  He started going to the bathroom and the pain left.  It is now two years later and he’s still fine and says there’s no sign of cancer.  His address is 208 Federal St. Warren, Ohio 44483.


Billy Rushing has pancreatic and liver cancer and was on chemo about 9 months ago. The cancer did not shrink while on the chemo. He was also on different herbs for the last 9 months. About a month ago, he started the Vitamin b17 and the apricot seeds. When he went into the doctor just recently, the scans showed that the tumors have shrunk down over the last month. If you would like to call to find out what other herbs he is doing, e-mail his wife for their phone number at [email protected]

Stella Foster was diagnosed with lung cancer in July/Aug 99. She was told that she had it in her left  lung. By September she was told it had gone over into her right lung as well and was worse in her left lung. She just turned 58 years old in Aug. 99. Stella had one dose of chemo that almost killed her. She ended up with a grand mal seizure and returned to the hospital within a week of the chemo. Her doctor said that there was nothing they could do for her. She was told to go home and only return when the pain got too bad. Then they would hospitalize her with morphine if she desired. She went home defeated and so ill that she could not eat. She was losing weight. At that time, my husband, her son Wayne Foster and I searched on the computer to find an answer for her cancer. My own dad died in December 1996 at the age of 62 of lung cancer. I did not own a computer then, God has cured her cancer. She has been taking the b17 and the native herbal tea and doesn’t care if God used one or both of them to do it. She has been taking the seeds and the B17 for over a year now steadily. (If you want to talk to Stella, you have to write her at Stella Foster, 956 Ashburn street, Winnapeg, Manitoba, R3G3C9. Canada.



Donald Stout had skin cancer.  After three week of taking the B-17 his cancer was gone.  It’s now one in a half years later and still no reoccurrence.  His daughter, Tracee Brantley had a very aggressive, fast growing cancer in the sinus cavity going behind her eyes.  The doctors were giving her cat scans getting ready to do some type of radiation or chemotherapy or both.  Meanwhile she started the B-17 and the seeds.  The doctors were a little confused when she went into remission before she could start their treatment.  The cancer shrunk right down and her treatment was cancelled.   To be able to stay on her insurance she had to concede to taking a nose spray which had some chemo in it.  She stopped this in less than a month.  Tracee is now completely cancer free upon her last check-up.   Now Trace’s husband was just diagnosed with testicular cancer.  He is about to start the seed and the B-17.   If you would like to write Donald Stout or his daughter write to 5808 N. 21st Ave, Phoenix, AZ. 85015.


Dear Jason,

I just wanted to update you on the status of one of my patients, Kim St.
George. As you know, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor about a year and nine months ago. In July of 98 she had 80% of a 6 cm malignant tumor removed from her brain. Within a month, that tumor grew back to the full 6cm. Her doctors gave this 31 year old women, with two children, 6 months to live. In Late September of 98 she came into the office. Her protocol consisted of 40 seeds a day, and various other supplements based on some specific tests I ran. In December, just 2 months later, an MRI revealed that the tumor shrunk down to just 1 1/2 cms. Within the next two months she was pregnant! Now her doctors told her that she had a very high probability of having a Downs Syndrome baby. Again, we put her on some specific supplements and adjusted her seed intake, and PRAYED a lot. Well, on October 15th, 1999, Jeremiah St. George, a beautiful 8 lb 2 oz. baby boy was born! Just wanted to bring you up to speed, they are both doing great. Thank you again for all the hard work you and everyone at Christian Brothers has done! Have a blessed

Thomas Von Ohlen, M.S.
Clinical Nutritionist


This is an update on Lisa Murry who had a tumor on her ovaries.   The tumor was diagnosed at 8 cm one year ago.  She started the seeds an the Noni juice and one month later the tumor was 3 cm.  the tumor stayed that size for a year up until last week when the scan showed that the tumor is completely gone.  Lisa had refused the original operation and possible treatments  there after.  Her home phone number is 718-746-5054.

Melanie Hoskins is a beautiful 34 year old woman stricken with autism and multiple benign tumors throughout her body (it is called Tubular Sclerosis).  She has had two operations on her kidneys due to continuous tumor regrowth over her years..  Two years ago she started the B17 and since then she hasn’t had to go to the doctors for further operations as no new tumors are growing.  Her father, Bob has reported a non cancerous tumor that was on his “bald” head, as he says, has gone away since he started with the seeds.

James House reports moles on his forearm and on his leg the size of a pea went down to a freckle after taking 6 seeds and 1 tablet per day for only four days.  He should just continue on a low maintenance now. His e-mail address is [email protected]

Linda Creed was diagnosed with pancreas cancer three years ago.  As of last year she was in ICU on morphine and about to die.  She started the B17 and the seeds taking 60 seeds per day (now she takes about 16 per day) and three tablet per day.   She juiced her vegetables and fruits (organic) took enzymes, and put a salve over her pancreas ( on her stomach).  The salve pulled out a ball tumor in the bandage over a certain amount of time.  She is now fine and anyone with pancreas cancer can mail her a letter and get her phone number or maybe she’ll call you if you put your number in the letter…at Linda Creed, 909 Wilson West Monroe, La, 71291.

Many other success stories that I can’t really follow are coming in.  I pray for the time or the right person to help follow up on people.

The FDA has confiscated 5 packages this week.

Richard Ross was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year (98) with a PSA of 57. He refused chemo and when rediagnosed in June of 99 his PSA went up to 170 and the cancer had spread. In June they gave him a few months to live. At this point Richard Ross decided to refuse hospital treatment again and treat himself. He had to catheterize himself because he was not able to urinate. He was not moving his bowels either. He started taking 5 apricot seeds per hour, 6 B17 500mg tablets per day and pancreatic enzymes. In just a week or two he was moving his bowels and urinating normally. He has returned to work and was on Channel 4 news for his recovery. It’s now about 6 months and Richard is going strong. If you would like to write him or call him call our office. here is his mailing address 45424 Margate Drive, Macomb, Mich, 48044.  Here is a link to the news stations report…click below. http://www.wdiv.com/lila11599_rosshusbandcancer.html

Isabella Romaine had lung cancer 4 years ago and had two bottom lobes of her lung taken out. She had no chemo or radiation. Four years later in May of 99, Her colon was bleeding. While in the hospital the doctors found a large cancerous tumor in her chest near her heart. in her lymph near her heart which was a big tumor. She refused chemo and radiation again. (note: she refused chemo the first time with lung cancer and already was living 4 years, normally you have a year or so with lung cancer and treated with chemo). She started eating about 6 seeds 6 times per day. (that’s 36 seeds per day for the mathematically challenged.) She took 4 of the vitamin b17 500 mg tablets per day and was eating a whole pineapple per day. After a while she couldn’t eat a whole pineapple a day but she still ate some and then just added other fruits in. She also drank black tea. This part gets interesting. She had a cat scan a couple of weeks a go and the doctors called her in and told her to get her life in order and asked if she loved God because it was all over. The next day they called her back and realized that they had read her old scan from months ago and her new one showed no sign of cancer. This is the short of it, but Isabella told me how she was calling up friends and family sobbing both days, the day they told her she was going to die and the day they told her it was a mistake and there was actually no cancer in her body. Her address is 54 Red stone Dr. Parsippany NJ 07054  Her husband’s e-mail address is [email protected]

Oct. 18

At least 10  people this month report moles falling off.  Including Carol Gillett whose moles fell off her face that she had wanted to get removed, She has spinal cancer and is taking IP6 and Laetrile.  She has been stable for a couple of years now. Mostly in just days.)

Clyde Vance had Aden carcinoma in the lung, from asbestos, and has been on chemo and the seeds/vitaminB17, for one year.  The doctors told him he was going to die.   Now, after one year two doctor reports show no sign of cancer.  124 E. CEDAR, Tyler TX. 75702.  Write them or call information to speak with them.  His wife is Corabella.

Larry Nelson had moles removed 5 years ago which turned out to be Melanoma. Last year in Jan-Feb he was diagnosed with esophagus cancer and by July it had grown back twice with two operations.  By Dec. of 98 he had cancer in his  lungs, in his liver, lymph nodes on the chest and under the arm, two spots in his colon and cancer still in his neck.  He started the apricot seeds,  Vitamin B17, essiac tea and Ip 6, antioxidants and Megazyme and Inteferon.  Some of his moles fell off right away.  He broke out on his upper body with hives and rashes and got sores in his mouth and ear as he detoxified.   Some moles fell off right away.  Every week his lung tumors shrunk down 10%.   His last check up, two weeks ago showed no signs of cancer. His e-mail address is [email protected]  he said it was a battle every day to take his supplements consistently three times a day.   He also said that he didn’t change his diet that much…he just cut out soda and sweets and added a few other things like seeds and supplements.


Mrs. Terwilliger had brain cancer, a tumor the size of an eraser, that when she had radiation it grew to the size of a tennis ball.  She couldn’t write, could hardy see and was sleeping all the time.  She started the injectable B17 and takes 20 apricot seeds per day. (Started twenty-six days ago) She has just recently started the Noni Juice and wheat grass.  She is up and around and doing dishes and can write again and can see.  She has energy and is past the  time the  doctors have given her.  She is a firm believer and if you need to talk to Mr. Terwilliger call our office.  She is on her second month of full injectable treatment.   A friend of the family who is an RN showed them how to inject the Laetrile.  She had been feeling sick all the time and now feels fine.

Sept. 21, 1999
Jim Smith has prostate cancer which was causing him to wake up ever hour during the night to go to the bathroom. He started taking the injectable Laetrile in the muscle and not even in the vein. The prostate tumor softened within a couple of weeks and he’s going to the bathroom a normal once per night now. Jim also took pineapples, papaya and some pancreatic enzymes. His phone number is 941-858-3328

Sept. 6th
Gene Lemoine had medulloblastoma (brain cancer) and had an emergency operation in May, 99. He has started the seeds and the injectable and in a few days his appetite came back. he’s 17 1/2 years old and refused to continue chemo or radiation, although he had one session of chemo and three of radiation. he will be fine as long as he continues to eat the seeds and keep in prayer.

Sept. 3, 1999

Nancy Kane was hyperglycemic, she started the seeds and now there’s no more problem with her blood sugar.

August 25th

Joan Pickering had Hodgkin’s in the third stage with a tumor in her neck.  This was last Sept.   They urged her to get chemo and she refused.  She started taking one of the vitamin B-17 per day.  She was checked up again in December of 98 and there were four more tumors, two on her spleen and two lymph nodes.  She called our office and we reminded her that she had to also take the seeds as well as increase the vitamin B-17.   By April one of the tumors in the spleen was dead and as of yesterday her doctors read the most recent scan and said “see you in six months for a check up”, no longer talking of treatment.  She told her oncologist that she was taking Laetrile

August 24th,

Many more stories of blood pressure normalizing, glaucoma pressure normalizing…

Lung Cancer’s disappearing while on some chemo and seeds.

PSA counts lowering among many with prostate cancer, although sometimes the count goes up at first.

My kidney tumor is still stable after 6 years now.  I eat about 5-10 per day  (I should eat more.) Click here for more of my story.

July 22, 1999

Alita Christmas had lung cancer four years ago with many tumors, one the size of a golf ball.  After doing the laetrile for two years  all tumors are all gone.   The doctor that checked her out said her blood pressure was normal for the first time and her lungs sounded clear.  X-rays also show clear lungs.  Alita’s sister had a rare form of muscle cancer and received many doses of chemo.  Two years ago she finally stopped the chemo and the doctors said she had a week or so to live.  Alita ran over her sister’s house and started her on the B17 and seeds.  Alita’s sister just died two weeks ago.  She lived an extra two years even after being destroyed by chemo and radiation. This is Alita”s e-mail address [email protected] if you need her number e-mail her and she’ll be happy to tell you of her story.  Please only call in the afternoon.

Barry Paralta had a tumor the size of an olive and now it’s the size of an eraser head.  This tumor was on the hip.  He took he seed/b17.  He was first taking apple seeds and then got our apricot seeds.  The Cancerous tumor shrunk in two weeks down to an eraser head.  He also took shark liver oil, stragalus and essiac tea.

New Chat room just created for all to ask questions…click here

July 9th, 1999

Here is a twin study. (Well as close as we can get for now, these two are brothers not twins)  Brother one was diagnosed in 1998 with lung cancer and Mr. Lay brother 2, was diagnosed a year earlier in 1997.  Brother one had an operation and chemo and is now near deaths bed.  ( I know this sounds crude)  Mr. Lay had no operation, one session of chemo and almost died due to pneumonia.  He then started with alternative therapy such as Barley green, Apricot seeds and B-17.  He is doing great.  Mr. Lay also had gall stones and was told to drink 8 ounces of apple juice every 2 or 3 hours for two days and then on the third day to drink 1/2 of a cup of olive oil.  Mr. Lay’s gall stones came out on the third day right in the toilet with no operation… this is fact.

Julio has been ordering the injectable for his friend in the Dominica Republic, Norma Cordero.  The blood tests have improved 100%, the pain is gone and it looks like a complete turnaround.

Mr. Suianello has been on the injectable for the 21 days, and chemo) and went in for the colon exam and went up to the tumor (colon and liver cancer).  This morning he went in for the results…they said it didn’t get any bigger but it has calcified, (dying, this is not what chemo normally does but is common with laetrile patients.) They are shocked he’s walking around because he’s also on the strongest chemo.  They say his blood is excellent and they are simply amazed.  They don’t know that he’s on the injectable Laetrile.

John Comer had prostate cancer with a psa 9 and now 5 months later after taking the b17 and seeds it is .1

Charles Wagner went down some in a psa test after taking the b17, 30 seeds per day and essiac tea along with asparagus extract.

Jean Lemoine was diagnosed with a brain cancer on the stem of his brain on May 21st 1999.  He came home bed ridden and vomiting on June8th.  He started the seeds on the 10th and by the 11th he had his appetite back, was no longer vomiting and was out of bed.  He was eating about 5 seeds per hour.  About a week later he started the injectable and according to his father is out control with his activities.   The e-mail address is [email protected]


Faye Scott had reported metastasized cancer throughout her body and bone.  Because of the lung cancer she has she’s  been coughing worse and worse.  She started the seeds/B17 and then Cantron (powerful immune booster) and a form of chemo.  Her coughing is gone.   Don’t know the definite reason but it’s gone and here’s her e-mail address to ask her what she’s doing for health.  [email protected]

June 10th, 1999

Christina Grieves had cervical cancer as of last year.  her tumor was 4 cm and then it continued to grow to 8 cm after getting Breaky radiation. (June 98 diagnosed. Breaky radiation Aug-Oct)   She called me up on the phone to tell me that even after the tumor was 8cm and she started the seeds, it still wasn’t shrinking.  It continued to grow until about March or 1999 as she called crying that she wasn’t better yet.  I cried some with her too but reassured her that the rest of her body was being protected and that I believed the worse that would happen is that she’d need and operation in that spot.  She was taking squalamine, hydrazine sulfate and immunol as the tumor continued to grow throughout.  She stopped the chemo a few months ago.  Christina stuck with her alternative plan and yesterday received her latest cat scan.  Christina has absolutely no sign of cancer left in her.  The scans had shown continued increase as she called me month to month to tell me she wasn’t stopping her protocol.  Now there’s no tumor left and her e-mail address is [email protected]


Pastor Baumgardner had colon cancer in 1974-1975 and he took about 40 apricot seeds per day for the  month and the tumor in the colon went away. At the same time his friend Kathy Hile had colon cancer, started the seeds and in 6 days the pain was gone and at the end of 40 days she was well.  They had given her 3 days to three months.   When she wasn’t dead after the 3 months they wanted to operate to see why she was still alive.  After a year she had a bleeding polyp.  When they operated they found the polyp and a tumor the size of a grapefruit.  The tumor was benign and the doctor excitedly went to Kathy and said there was no sign that she ever had cancer. Kathy lived for about 12 years longer and died of other causes. At the end of 1975 the FDA stopped all sale of the Apricot seeds and Pastor Baumgardner couldn’t get a supply any more and couldn’t keep on a maintainence dose.  Mr. Baumgarder now in 1999 has pancreatic cancer, liver cancer and skin cancers all over his back. He has been on the seeds again now for two months and his pain has gone away his skin tumors on his back have fallen off. The discomfort in his stomach is better as to where he can eat.  He was taking 30 seeds per day and 6 of the 500mg tablets per day.   Mr. Baumgartner has a fox terrier that has cancer on her nose and in her stomach.   The nose tumors have fallen off so far and he believes that she will pull through this fine.




Pastor Preston Baumgartner had pancreatic cancer that metastasized to his liver.  He took 30 seeds per day and 6 tablets and had no side effects.  The doctors say that the pancreas has cleared up and he’s fine.  He’s giving 3-4 seeds per day to his dog and the dog’s tumor is shrinking.

Mr. Nelson is starting his mom on the b17 and seeds but told me the story first.   Like most everyone his mom was diagnosed with liver cancer and immediately went for chemo.  This was in Jan. 99.  The tumor shrunk down a little in the first month and then in the next two months four more tumors grew.  She is just starting the seeds and the vitamin B17 this week.

More stories of undiagnosed moles falling off or shrinking down.


Betty Smith had breast cancer last year.  Her doctors in Georgia wanted to give her a radical mastectomy where they take off your breast and all the lymph nodes around the area.  She refused and demanded that only two of her glands be taken out, the ones enlarged.  They refused her and she had to travel 500 miles to TN for a doctor that would agree to her terms.  That was last year.  This year, a tumor started growing under her arm to a rather large size causing her a lot of pain.  Betty bought the seeds the tablets and the injectable laetrile.  She had heard that you can inject the laetrile directly into tumors.  She was scared so she tells me she dressed nice so that in case she died she would look good when they found her. (I told her don’t make me laugh.)  Even though I also know that B17 is non-toxic and safe I got scared when I first injected into my blood stream.  She injected three grams directly into the tumor and was in a lot of pain. In an hour the pain from the injection went away and she states that the next morning the tumor had shrunk between 30% and 50%.  After her second injection directly into the tumor all the pain is gone. Before hanging up she told me of an old saying “If you don’t know the truth how can you understand deception.”  Her phone number is (call) and her address is 400 w 2nd street Blue ridge, GA 30513.


Patricia Rash had breast cancer in 1997 and found a tumor in her vertebrae.  In Nov, 1998 she had a biopsy that proved it to be cancer.  Her insurance would cover a stem cell transplant which would mean doses of chemo 10x stronger than normal in order to completely kill off her immune system so that her body would not be able to reject the alien stem cells.  She turned this down.  In January of 1999 she decided to get radiation.  During her 15 treatments of radiation two additional tumors appeared in her vertebrae bone.  Feb 1st she decided to stop the radiation.  Elder E. W. Hooven invited Patricia to his house to watch the video and read the book.  Psalms 103:5 has been on Patricia’s heart for some time. (This verse says that good foods will restore your youth as an eagle)  Our business cards have this verse on display.   Patricia started the B17, the seeds, IP 6, Ezekiel 4:9 bread, essiac tea and some vegetables.  Two months later, this week, her last bone scan showed the two tumors completely gone and the original shrunk down.  If you have a similar cancer call our office for Patricia’s phone number, she’ll be happy to talk to you, the patient.

Lindy Patreu’s dog’s tumor is gone after being on the b17 or seeds.

Mrs. Pottinger has severe bone cancer with severe pain.  She’s on the B17 from the last part of March 99…had been diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago in March that had already gone to the bone.  She started Noni juice last year, two ounces per day as the pain went away.  She started taking 32 ounces per day and felt her body turning around.   Then went down to 6-8 ounces per day.  She was also taking a hormonal pill (Nolvadex)  Then in March fell out of her wheel chair and her pain was increased..was put back in bed.  Started the seeds and B17 and her rib cage pain has gone down more each day.


Addie Holley gave us this report..Addie has had undiagnosed lymph problems for eight years  recently, to the point where she couldn’t turn her neck and a tumor the size of an apple appeared on her neck.   The following is her brief…  you can e-mail her at [email protected]

Hi Jason,
I must tell you this.  I have C in my neck developed from broken blood vessels.   It spread to my lungs. Very bad swelling in my neck, Very bad pains in my chest. Very bad coughing up mucus from my lungs.  I ordered apricot seeds and B17 from you on March 22, 1999, I began taking 20 seeds per day and 6 B17 per day. I began doing this on March 26, 1999.  As of today I do not have  pains in my neck, all the swelling is gone from my neck, no pains in my lungs, no coughing up mucus. I went to the doctor today for examination.  No sign of C,  I do not have no pains in my chest, X-ray shows my lungs are clear. I praise God for a miracle. I thank God for you Jason.
You are a blessing to people.  God bless you and you keep blessing people.
Love you,
Addie Holley

Today I received report that John Hughes wife and child who had been suffering from allergies for most of their lives ate 20 seeds per day and in less then one week the allergies are gone. I’ve heard of this before but never wrote it in the journal thinking it was either not significant enough or that it was just coincidence


Mr. Smith-Green is 86 and back in November he was diagnosed with colon cancer.  They wanted to operate and then do chemo and tried to force him.  he did none of the above and instead opted to take the seeds and the vitamin B17.  He just called today and noted that his last cat scan of his colon was completely clean.  No cancer anymore.  I reminded him that it was dangerous to stop eating the seeds just because the cancer is gone.  A person has to maintain or it can come back worse than before.

Pat Goetzer called and has been on the seeds for three months as her CEA count has now gone down from 7.8 to 3.8  She has some cancer in her bone.

Bruce Hamaker’s PSA has gone down another point.


Ed Phillips PSA is now .07  Go to the journal to see his whole story.  The only change he made is the seeds and some of the b17.  PSA is a prostate cancer indicator.


David Madden has had high blood pressure for over six years .  158/110   He has been eating five seeds three times per day for a few months and his blood pressure is now 130/90.  The seeds were the only change that he made in his diet.   Our nature calls for bitter.  As David eats the bitter seed he no longer has the cravings for sweets the way he used to.  He is now changing other parts of his diet.  His phone number is 770-941-1504.  He goes to Bible study twice a week, and is on the right track now with diet.


Dear Jason,
I thank you for your web site and all the hard work you are doing. I am sorry that I didn’t believe and we had a little fight.  I always believed in God but I didn’t like him too much because of all the pain and suffering. I done a lot of reading and research and I should not of abandoned god, for he did not abandon us. The pharmaceutical companies, governments and the almighty Dollar has taken over and we believed them, well me anyway until now. I saw my dad lose half of his face and ear because of cancer. Because of you and God my dog is still with us. I have given him six seeds a day, The small lump on his nose has shrunk down to a little pimple. I would like to take him to the Vet but he does not like Vets so we will leave that one alone. Can I reduce the amount of seeds per day or do you think he has to keep taking them all. The massive fat cell under his chest is all soft now. This was tested and is a fat cell.
Edward White, Langley BC. God bless you [email protected]

Dear Friends.Last week I ordered the kit from you & a pound of seeds & 500mg tablets of vitamin B-17. I feel better today than I have in at least 20 years, Several weeks ago I went in for my first pap smear in over 10 years. The Dr. found lumps in both breasts and my pap smear came back with moderate dysphasia. She wants me to have a mammogram (I have never had one before) and a biopsy of my uterus. I watched my aunt, granddad, and mother all die a horrible death from chemo treatments for cancer. For the last 30 years I have had a fear of cancer and have read as much about it as I could. We were devastated at losing my mother four years ago only 4 months after our youngest son was killed in a car accident.

I told myself that I would never take chemo under any circumstances. My great grandmother was a nurse. She died in her 90’s. She ate meat only once a week, and grew and canned her own vegetables in an organic garden. She did not believe in radiation or surgery for cancer. I guess she watched a lot of people die from it.

The first night I took 1 tablet and 3-4 seeds. During the night I felt some mild burning inside my left breast, which had lots of lumps. On Saturday I put a whole handful of the seeds in my cereal & chewed them up carefully, as well as a handful of vitamins. That afternoon I felt really sick, dizzy, hard to hold my head up so I just went to bed and slept for hours. By evening I felt much better. Did not eat much dinner but drank a lot of grape juice and water. The lumps in my left breast are gone. I cannot feel any at all. The thickening in the right breast is also gone ! I do not want to have a mammogram because of the radiation. I plan on taking the nutrients a couple of more weeks and then asking for an MRI or ultrasound instead.

What I need to know is this …exactly how much you think I should be taking. I am almost 49 years old and weigh 135.

Sincerely, Bettie Bennett   [email protected]

Feb 27th,1999

Dear Christian Brothers Two years ago I had incurable bladder cancer!!  Three bottles of B-17, one package of your seeds, and a complete change of diet caused my eighth cyst (last December) to be a waste of time!!  NO MORE BLADDER CANCER! Thank you for being there…I will continue the B17 and diet, and yes, I am passing on your phone # and what I’ve learned  God Bless!  Edward  M. Gill  Ed Gill Age 53-and living. This letter was received today.  I do not know what he means by his eight “cyst” but maybe it’s a kind of cat scan or bladder cancer test.)

The above letter is from Edward M. Gill whom I just called on the phone. He lives at 1128 N.W. SUNSET DR. P.O. BOX 308 GRANTS PASS, OR 97528. He was a lithographer (works with large printing presses and chemicals) and he smoked. His doctor told him to say goodbye to his friends because he didn’t have much time and was going to die within months. Edward just told me that when he went to say goodbye to one his “old stupid truck driver friends” (Steve Lemmon) he said “you don’t have to die, here’s the info on B17. So Mr. Gill ordered from us and followed just what we said in our cover letter. He quit smoking, he sold his business so that he wouldn’t be exposed to those chemicals, he started with 3 apricot seeds per hour and the 500mg tablet. His mother baked him more than a loaf of millet every week of which he would have two slices and a piece of raw sliced pineapple every morning, he bought macadamia nuts, cut out most of his beef and all his white bread and had some raw broccoli. He could only keep up the 3 seeds per hour for a short time and had to decrease the amount. (Remember: macadamia nuts and millet bread have b17 in them.) By the way he just told me that a cyst is where they cut into your bladder for testing and removing. (Steve Lemmon isn’t stupid)

FEB 26  Mr. Kwong and his assistant (FDA agents) inspected our premises today.  The meeting went well…I believe.  Mr. Dilling, our lawyer, was on the speaker phone throughout the meeting.  It was a polite and courteous time. The meeting lasted for about two hours and I was asked to give copies of certain documents as well as the new labels for the products that we make available.

KIM ST. GEORGE called today to tell of her condition.  She has brain cancer and was given 6 months (in July, 98)to live without chemo and 1-1 1/2 years to live with chemo. She took the chemo and ate 40 apricot seeds per day.  She stopped the chemo half way through ( as I believe everybody should) and her brain tumor has shrunk down dramatically.  Now she has just found out that she is pregnant.  She asked if she should continue the seeds and I told her that I believe that she should.  Many times women’s cancer can go out of control during or after a pregnancy because of all the estrogen in her system.  The seeds should keep things under control during this time.   Of course all her doctors are strongly hinting at an abortion.  She’s a beautiful lady and needs to be completely in tune with the Lord in order to make all the right decisions.  She has two other children 10 and 6).  Just this second I stood up and looked for an educational tape to listen to while I  fix the web site and the first tape that I picked up is “Abortion Increases Cancer Risk” by Dr. Joel Brind.  Now this is G-d speaking.
Robert DeFilippo who had fourth stage Lymphoma and was mentioned earlier in the journal has run into some problems.  After having been given a death sentence by the doctors and turning only to the seeds the B17 and the Enzymes we are sad to say that Rob has now lost all confidence in his doctors because he’s feeling better than he ever has and with no signs of cancer.  Rob reminds me of the importance of enzymes.  Click here for info on enzymes.  Rob’s phone # is 973 993 5120


***John Herbert who was given a few months to live about two years ago is doing great and continues eating the seeds as his brain cancer stays dormant and has shrunk down to scar tissue as the doctors have reported.

Ward Hall has passed away. (update) I spoke to his wife as she told me the story.  Ward had t-cell lymphoma and had been through chemo which had put him into comas two separate times as well as a heart attack.  He started the seeds and b17 in the very late stages as his head tumors shrunk down.  Gloria tells how one of the tumors was pretty large so they decided to have some radiation.  Ward’s personality changed dramatically after this,; Mrs. Hallman went into the horror stories of Ward’s time at the hospital.  Mrs. Ward recalled how 15 years ago Mr. Ward had a lump in his testicles which he refused to get biopsied and instead took antibiotics. Over the years this would pain Mr. Hall on and off as his strength slowly went down.  I truly believe that if Mr. Hall had been diagnosed an biopsied, he would’ve been convinced to get chemo and or radiation as well as an operation and would’ve died years ago due to the cancer coming back at a much faster rate in his liver and lungs and possibly brain.  This is not just what I believe, this is what Ralph Moss clearly points out in his essays on chemo (This is what happens when one goes through chemo, I was even told that after my chemo my brain would be susceptible to cancer…Dr. Malamud, oncologist at Beth Israel in N.Y. told me this.)  It remind me of Ralph Margaritas who had leukemia yet was over 300 pounds…This 24 year old started the seeds and was in remission.  His doctors pushed and pushed for him to get a bone marrow transplant.  Two weeks after the bone marrow transplant he was dead.  (I didn’t find out until months after he had died.)

Feb 23, 1998

Two agents form the FDA, one was Mr. Kwong and the other a lady came to our place today.  They insist on doing an inspection.   If anyone has any advice on how this should be handled please e-mail [email protected]

Feb 16,

From Mr. Davis
I had a very small basal cell on my face. I took 100 mg 4-5 times a day for a
few months before my Doctor’s appointment today. Well, it was gone by today.
There was a tiny red dot. The doctor said there was no way it was cancer
because it was not possible for it to go away with apricot seeds and vitamin
b17. Oh well, I left him some material printed from the internet. [email protected]

Thank you.

FEB. 8

ROBERT GARCIA’S father has prostate cancer and his PSA was 79.7.  He had sever pain in the pelvis, probably due to bone metastasis.  He started on the seeds and the b17 500mg and the pain is gone.  He has had this pain for some time.  Today, Robert Garcia reports his last  PSA test results were down to 39.  He’s been taking seeds and six 500 mg tablets per day.

Hi Jason,

My father Pete Garcia had a PSA done in December, the PSA was 79.7 in
December. He recently had another PSA done this past Tuesday, his PSA
dropped down to 38.5. He started the B17 tablets and seeds the first
week in January. God Bless, I’ll continue to spread the good news and
pray for everyone. [email protected] Robert Garcia

Spoke to Dean Mattilia today [email protected] and he reports three success stories.  His moles have dried up to white spots and fallen off, his wife had sores throughout her body and they have cleared up, his dog was old and sluggish and had bumps on his back which were supposedly cancerous; the bumps, I believe he said went down and the dogs are acting like puppies again.  His moles and his wife’s sores were suspected to be cancerous but they refused to go for biopsies..from what I’ve seen a person in the same situation goes for a biopsy, finds that the skin lesions are melanomas (cancerous) get some skin grafts, years later find the cancer has gone internal, get chemo and then the cancer metastasizes all over the body and the doctors say “we’ve done all we could do.” All they’ve done was quicken the coarse of the cancer.  Of course this can’t be proven but I will stake my life on it that it’s true.

JAN 16, 1999

I spoke to Mr. Christy Harris today who has had a stroke in the past and was put on high blood pressure medication and blood thinners.  Mr. Harris also has skin lesions that have to be burned off at the doctors every once in a while.  These skin lesions were not cancerous but were precancerous I believe he told me.  He has been taking shark cartilage and other supplements in the past but when he started taking the seeds (6 per day religiously) the newest lesions began to hurt some and then dried up and “flaked off”.  He noticed that some age spots have gone away while others have shrunk.  His skin is better then it’s been in years…smoother.  Now back to his blood pressure…He has cut down his pill 75%, and finds his pressure at 115 over 65.

Jan 15th

Great news again on one of my brain tumor patients. I forwarded to you the mail from a gentleman that you referred to me back in November. You actually spoke to his daughter in law who I keep in very close contact with. She started him on my protocol regimen in early November and her father in laws oncologist were shooting in the breeze and said they would try a session of radiation to slow the growth of her father in laws glioblastoma multiform brain tumor. They were very very receptive of my protocol and actually used it while he was in the hospital as part of his routine medicines (These are good doctors) I just received this mail only minutes ago so I haven’t seen the Cat scan results personally. I will have her forward me a copy later. In November the oncologist were expecting only to possibly slow its growth at best but now it has shrunk from my best estimation by 50%. I will get his last 3 Cat Scan results and make a more definite approximation as to the extent of shrinkage. He unfortunately has experienced some  personality problems I suspect from some of the radiation therapy but never the less we have seen considerable shrinkage and I suspect with continued therapy from the protocol (which includes 60 seeds and 4  500mg b17 tablets) we will get complete shrinkage in 6 months. I wanted to share it with you.

If I can be of further help to any of the individuals that you work with let me know!! By the way the gentleman’s name is Bill who has the brain tumor. Greg



ALBERT BRESCIANI went to the doctor two years ago for a growth that was on his eye lid.   The doctor tried to scare him into getting an operation by saying these are most commonly cancerous and needed to be operated on. He waited two years and a few months ago started eating 7 seeds per day and a couple of the 100mg b17 tablets.  The mole has shrunk right down.  His e-mail address is [email protected]

Shirley Hoffman  has been on the seeds and B17 for a couple of months now and she has cut down her diabetic medicine in half (she was taking glucophage ) and her blood pressure has gone down.

Betty Judd had liver cancer, lung cancer, cancer in the pelvis and the bone.  She was in the Hospital last May (97) and wasn’t expected to come out.  She started the seeds and the B17 right away and has been taking 4-6 tablets of the 500mg and 20 seeds per day every day.  She has been on chemo once a month and taking Green tea and some other herbs.  Her last scan showed her liver, lungs and pelvis clean from cancer and her bone marrow has actually started to regenerate.  There is still some cancer in the bone, but less.  Her sisters e-mail address is [email protected]


Rob Cera has Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and has a tumor in the lumbar spine that has been causing severe spinal pain.  IN the beginning of Dec. he started with 3 grams of the injectable per day and 3 grams of the tablets and some of the seeds.  His pain is gone.  He’s now awaiting his next cat scan.  His e-mail address is [email protected]   He was also taking a lot of anti-oxidants.

MARINA OLSHANSKY has a child with brain cancer who is on the seeds.  While she was in the office for her child she had a mammogram.  The doctor found a lump in HER breast and demanded immediate surgery.  She has a biopsy first that revealed the tumor to be a cyst with precancerous cells.  Instead of getting the operation, Marina started eating 20 seeds per day and the tumor is now completely gone.  Please pray for her child.

Jan 4, 1999

Dear Jason and all blessed staff,

Thank you for your courage and your dedication.  I wanted to tell you how the apricot kernels are helping me.  I’ve had a varicose vein sore/ulcer on my left foot for 5 to 6 years that would never heal completely.  From my research, I concluded that it was an infestation of Candida fungus.  After about 12 to 15 health practitioners (including 4 M.D.’s and multi-varied antibiotics, which had no effects), I’ve been blessed to learn of your apricot seeds.  In two weeks, my sore completely healed over with a good scab.  As I have learned that Candida fungus is a pre-cursor to cancer, I thought what do I have to lose!  Well, just after days of taking the kernels (6 or 7, 3 to 4 times daily) I could see red blood cells forming the basis for new skin which I haven’t seen for years.  It was an open sore-3 to 4 inches in diameter and usually painful to walk on.  I am singing praises “to God be the Glory” for your group and this info.  My friend in Kissimmee, Fla. sent me your info and the terrific video.  (From other health videos, I’ve learned that the first plan of attack on cancer at the now famous Mexican cancer clinics is Laetrile!)   May God bless your ministry as you help us get our health back.

I am so gratefully yours,

Peter Rock

Dec 29th

Dear Jason,

Thank you for the phone call 12/29/98.  This is my story of a Christmas

In November 1993 I discovered that I had breast cancer-stage 3, and both
breasts were removed.
I received 6 months of chemotherapy consisting of 1 treatment a week for 3
weeks and 1 week off.  This was done for 6 months.  I received bone scans
and cat scans every 3 months for the first 2 years and then every 6 months
the 3 year and then 1 time a year from that point on.  When I had my 4th
year check-up it was discovered that the cancer had spread to the bones
ranging from my skull, rib cage, right femur, and spine with a total of 8

My surgeon and oncologist convinced my family that I would have to have
another round of chemotherapy for the rest of my life or basically until
either the cancer killed me or the chemotherapy did.  I was determined not
to do the chemo, however; when your family asks you to do it for them it is
hard to turn them down.  I received 1 treatment of the chemo, administered
to me while I was in the hospital, and the drip lasted for 2 days.  After
being home for 3 to 4 days I became so ill that I was taken to the emergency
room and re-admitted into the hospital because the chemo had wiped out my
white blood cells and I was unable to fight off any kind of infection.  I
convinced my family that I could not do this anymore and promised I would
try to find a nutritionist who would help me through diet and herbs, etc.

I began to juice several times a week and started to begin vitamin and
mineral therapy.  And then my oldest daughter had an E-mail message and
someone had sent her all the information on the B-17 and Christian Brothers.
My husband read the numerous pages of info that she printed for us and
immediately called for the seeds and the B-17 tablets(500 mg) along with the
video and book.  Since 8/18/98 I have been taking the tablets 4 times a day
and eating 2 to 3 seeds a day.  My bone scan was done this December and
reports that 5 of my tumors have shrunk and the 3 other tumors have not
changed in size since my bone scan of 5/98.  My doctor called me 2 days
before Christmas with the news and my family believes that the combination
of the seeds and the B-17 tablets along with prayer and faith have
contributed to my Christmas miracle – only God knows for sure!!!!  Thank you
Christian Brothers for making this non-conventional form of treatment for


[email protected] HAD OLIGODENDROGLIONA brain tumor.   this was in June of 1995.  She had a grand ma seizure and was then diagnosed with a brain tumor.  She had an operation and now 3 years later she had another grand ma seizure.  Again there was a tumor present this time a cancerous, anapestic OLIGODENDROGLIONA tumor.  85% was removed in Dec. 97.  it started to grow again and had chemo and 50 seeds per day.  Her last scan showed a 75% reduction in tumor size.

Dec 28th. 1998
Mary Donaldson had bilateral breast cancer five years ago and then had a double mastectomy and chemo. Now the cancer has come back in her bones with eight tumors showing up on the scans. She had one round of chemo in August of 98 and was admitted to the hospital for two weeks because the chemo wiped out her white blood cells to the point where she was near death. She refused to go back for more chemo and started on the apricot seeds, the 500 mg tablet and began juicing.  The doctors told her she’d be dead by Christmas. Well, Christmas has past and her latest scan showed that five of the eight tumors have shrunk and the other three are stable. She feels great and thanks G-d 100%. Call our office for her number…she’ll be happy to speak with others with bone or breast cancer.

Dec 28th,


I have a patient (39 yr. old female) who had a 3 1/2 cm malignant breast tumor
that continued to regrow 4 times after 3 separate chemo cycles in the past 2
years.  She was also on Tamoxafin daily and had radiation treatments.  She was
tired of dealing with the side effects and lack of results and was referred
into my office.  She was on 20-30 seeds and about 3000mg of B17 for less than
3 weeks before going back to her oncologist.  They told her they wanted to
remove her breast and follow up with more chemo and she refused.  They
retested her that day and the results showed that the tumor shrank to 1/2 a cm
and was no longer malignant.

Another patient (30 yr. old female) came in to the office with a 6 cm brain
tumor in late September.  Over the summer she had surgery to remove a tumor
and it grew back in less than 3 months.  She was on chemo when she came in and
we put her on 45 seeds a day as well as some supplements to support her
adrenals and thymus gland.  Also a complete digestive enzyme complex was
added.  She had another MRI done on 12-10-98 and the tumor shrunk to about 1
1/2 cm and the nuero-oncologist  thinks the remainder of the tumor is just
scar tissue.  Now he wants to know what she has been doing and also stated
that he doesn’t believe radiation helps with brain tumors.  She is preparing a
full testimony for us and will send it along.
Thank you for your efforts in getting out the seeds and the truth!

I also have a patient whose dog was lame in his back
legs and none of the top vets in the area had any hope for him. Two seeds a
day and he is running around like a puppy. I will try for a testimony on him
too. Let me know the latest with the FDA, they scare me but I know the Lord
will protect us. Hope you had a blessed Christmas.

Yours in good health,

Thomas Von Ohlen, M.S.
Clinical Nutritionist

Advanced Center For Nutrition
336 Round Hill Road
Fairfield CT 06430

My name is Martin Silvey. I do not have cancer, but I recently ordered some pills and took them for a couple of months. I took about 200 milligrams a day. My blood pressure was a little high and the pills effectively brought it down to an acceptable level. I have also been making copies of the brochure that was sent with my pills and giving them to friends and family. It has sparked much interest. I have been giving them your card and directing them to the website. I hope this helps your cause and gets the word out. God Bless You!!! [email protected]

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