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Finally, I am cancer free!

My long journey to find an alternative cancer tre
atment clinic in Mexico has brought me to Holistic Bio Spa in beautiful Puerto Vallarta.

After a careful and extensive review of several dozen alternative cancer treatment providers in Mexico, most of them in Tijuana, and after a free telephone consult with Dr. Jake at Holistic Bio Spa, I have decided that Holistic Bio Spa is the one who offers the most comprehensive, alternative cancer treatments in Mexico at the price that I can afford.

All the nurses in the staff was extremely happy for and genuinely caring and serving. All the doctors, Dr. Zoli, Dr. Jake, Dr. Ricardo and Dr. Juan Ortega are just wonderful human beings with genuine caring for their patients. I was treated like no place as I was ever treated in any medical facility. I was treated like family.

Based on my extensive records as well as the new one that Dr. Jake sent me to a laboratory here and solve those tests I have never even heard of it was decided to start with the nine potentially curative therapies, such as the Kwasniewski diet combined with the urine therapy, as el as well as rectal pancreatic enzymes and medical marijuana, high doses of vitamin C IV every other day at hundred thousand milligram in at night I was taking low dose naltrexone 4½ mg. They have this cancel-cell treatment cream that was developed by some NASA engineers that I believe also worked wonders.

For 10 days we did B-17 IVs as well as taking pancreatic enzymes and B-17 tablets and they were giving me 24 apricot kernels. The GcMAF was a little bit expensive but I have decided to give it a try. We do several mushroom and herbal treatments including this plant that grows wild here in Puerto Vallarta called Kalanchoe. At the same time I was taking Avemar and Iscador and Lugol’s iodine. Every day I did infrared sauna and EWOT.

They have sent me home after three weeks with a protocol and extensive list of nutritional supplements that I have to continue with the program as to avoid any relapse.

From day one I started to feel stronger and feel better and my energy was coming back. At the completion of my three weeks protocol we have done series of blood tests and all of my cancer markers were back to normal and I feel super fantastic.

Thank you Holistic Bio Spa for your genuine caring and high quality knowledge and to treat me as a human being and not as a number!!

I will be recommending you to everyone!

Date of experience: August 2018
Updated on May 31, 2023

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