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B17 Questions & Answers

Q. Will cooking millet destroy the Vitamin B17?

A. No, cooking doesn’t destroy the Vitamin B17. Almost every food that we eat is better eaten raw. And when we cook a fruit we destroy the enzymes and wherever we have Vitamin B17 we have the accompanying enzyme B-glucosidase naturally. B-glucosidase is destroyed by heat, but Vitamin b17 is not destroyed by heat.

Q. Is there any way in which a person may be deficient in the enzyme rhodanese?

A. The enzyme rhodanese is a normally occurring enzyme that converts cyanide to the non-toxic compound neocyanate and we evolved with the Rhodes because the Vitamin B17 containing cyanide originally was so large a part of our diet. So far as we know there is no development of rhodanese deficiencies.

We must be very realistic that there is absolutely nothing we can do to alter this infinitely complex machinery of the cell and of life. All that we can do is to supply those components that are missing and then hope for the best. It’s like being on the freeway with a Cadillac in which the hood is locked and you run out of gas. Now all your knowledge of mechanics are going to be of no avail just pour gas in to the tank and step on the starter and hope for the best that the gas gets sucked into the motor. When the machinery of the cell begins to falter or fail you put in those factors normal to the operation of that machinery. Since we have no choice we allow the universe to take its course. We don’t go on the presumption that we can successfully tamper with that infinite machinery.

Q. Do you believe that we should take the Wobenzym enzymes along with the Laetrile?

Yes, they are good, except I think they are slightly overpriced and I strongly recommend the American Viokase put out by Viobin in Minticello, Illinois.

Q. Is Laetrile a prescription item in Mexico or Canada?

I know that it is legal in Mexico, but I don’t know the exact situation in Canada at the moment. You may get it without a prescription in Mexico.

Q. If you get the benefits from the seeds of fruits for prevention, why is it necessary to take the more concentrated forms?

Like everything else in science, it is self-answering. It isn’t necessary, so eat the seeds and you can get an adequacy of Vitamin B17.

Q. The fact that cancer is a metabolic disease, what role does pollution have in that process?

Pollutants harm the liver and the liver is a great detoxifying organ of the body. If the liver is detoxifying an excess of estrogen, for example, and capacity of the liver is impaired by pollutants, the estrogen level then may reach a concentration sufficient to induce cancer. If we are eating apples that have been sprayed with arsenic and we eat enough of these apples, the arsenic may produce a hepatic chirrosis that again will impair the capacity of the liver to detoxify certain carcinogens and thereby contribute to the development of cancer. If we are receiving a very high concentrating of Vitamin B17 this will offset the possibility of developing cancer, but these pollutants still can kill us through producing chirrosis of the liver and destroying other vital cells.

Q. Can the body handle inorganic Vitamin C?

The Vitamin C on the market is organic and contrary to what is sometimes believe is not synthetic. The Vitamin C that is produced in this country is produced by fermentation involving the growth of the mold Streptomycetes. So it is a biosynthetic process. This is the cheapest and most efficient way to do it, although this is not a “complex.”

Q. How many seeds should we eat?

I would say that 15 seeds every other day would provide an adequacy and give quite a margin.

Q. If we are supposed to eat seeds, why aren’t we supplied with teeth for breaking through the pits?

There are societies that have not become too corrupted by the sophistications of modern technology. These people are capable of biting through the pit. We have even seen small dogs break the pit and eat the seeds. Squirrels, chipmunks, bears, higher primates such as monkeys ordinarily do it.

Curators of zoos tell us when monkeys and apes are thrown fresh apricots, peaches and plums, in time, if they are thrown enough of them, they cease eating the sweet sugary fruit and they begin hoarding the pits. they manage to break open those pits. Primates will take them in hand and hammer them against a piece of concrete. Eating these seeds is universal among the nomads and among the higher animals.

Q. How do you keep the seeds once they are out of the pit?

You may keep the seeds indefinitely if you keep them thermatically sealed under refrigeration. If you don’t d\keep them under refrigeration the Vitamin B17 won’t deteriorate, but the unsaturated fatty acids will turn rancid and become carcinogenic.

Q. Does Vitamin B17 help sickle Cell Anemia?

A lot of fine work is being done on this. Robert Houston has done some very brilliant studies along these lines and he has published several top-rate papers. Sickle Cell anemia crises is the result of a fulminating deficiency of Vitamin B17 and it occurs in Americans of African origin, who upon leaving the African continent become removed from a dietary source of vitamin B17. Sickle Cell crisis is a Vitamin B17 deficiency disease in the same way that Pernicious Anemia is a Vitamin B12, Folic Acid deficiency disease.

Q. Do almonds contain cyanide?

The Romans found that here and there almond trees appeared which had almonds that were completely sweet and no longer had any trace of bitterness. That bitterness is due to the presence of Vitamin B17. So they proceeded to destroy all of the almond trees that had any trace of bitterness and propagated those almond trees that just yielded the sweet kernels. So those almonds that have come to us in the Western World are very rich in the enzyme B-glucosidase, but deficient in Vitamin B17. On the other hand the eastern part of the world, such as the Ukraine, Soviet Union and Red China, have predominately the original bitter almond, very rich in Vitamin B17

Q. Is it o. k. to eat all the legumes raw?

No, it isn’t. It is good to cook most beans. The cooking doesn’t destroy the Vitamin B17 content. Although beans eaten raw in small quantities are quite acceptable as food.

Q. Is it best to take all 15 apricot kernels at once?

Yes. I should add that it is a good idea to grind them up in a nut grinder. One teaspoon of the material is equivalent to seven of eight seeds. Take two teaspoonfuls and lace a fruit salad or oatmeal or whatever you are eating. You can incorporate it into muffins or use it a hundred different ways. You can take it straight or you can eat it and then follow it with a little honey because of the persisting bitterness.

Q. Are the broad beans or visa fava high in cyanide?

Yes, they are splendid. It was one of the staples in the diet of the Roman legions. The legionnaires not only ate broad beans. but they fed them to their horses. This made for a very vigorous infantry in Calvary. Visa fava are also known as Italian beans or flat beans.

Q. Is Vitamin B17 helpful against devastating effects of excessive quantities of environmental or medical radiation?

No, and the reason for it is a very common sense one. In all of the exigencies of our evolution and natural selection, the presence of radiation in such horrible concentrations was never anticipated. The organism may be beset with such onslaught and there are no mechanisms including Vitamin B17 to medicate the deadly effects of such excess radiation. This is one of the most horrible assaults on living tissues. The most horrible assaults that living tissue can sustain, because it destroys not only the individual of one generation, but it may cripple, if not extinguish the immortal germ plasma, on which the continuity of the species itself relies.

Updated on May 31, 2023

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